Sunday, October 20, 2013

Origami Owl

I'm pretty sure I was the last person to hear about this jewelry line.  I live under a rock, a very decorated and organized rock!
You all know my hubby lives in Afghanistan, so I don't get out much.  My main focus has been the kids and the house.  Recently I thought maybe I should do something fun for me.
Insert Origami Owl consultant Kim Wilt, she came over and set up the cutest jewelry bar ever!  I invited my friends, we had treats and drinks and shopped.  It was a fun evening.  Plus I bought some really cute stuff for me and the girl!  Christmas is coming, great gift idea.

This is mine, gold of course.  I really love the selection of chains, charms and lockets.  I will have to buy more soon!
A few close ups. 
I think my favorite charm is the Buddha, it has been my daughters nick name since she was about 3 months old.  She had a round belly, what can I say, I'm not that original! 
 This is for Lauren, she wanted silver, so silver it is.  I'm hoping she will come to the gold side as she gets older. 
 I let her pick out everything, it's going to be a stocking stuffer.  I love that she wanted a 'MOM' charm, cause she loves me so much!
 If you have a necklace or get one, I would love to see it!
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Veronica Roth said...

Well then, you are not the last one to hear about this lovely jewellery Tammy...I can attest to that! I think that not only am I under a much larger rock...actually it might just be a whole mountain...I'm in my own world there too it seems. (Maybe I just don't get around much) :) Anyway, now that I found your lovely blog I have to go have a look around. :)

Lucky Sign said...

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