Monday, January 31, 2011

My CSN Give Away Order!!!

A few weeks ago I entered a give away going on over at New Blessing Everyday.  Boy was I surprised when Donnie contacted me to let me know I had won.  Me?  Really?  $65 to spend anyway I want?  Me?  Really? 

So after the shock wore off, about five minutes later, and the 'Code' was emailed to me....I SPENT IT ALL!   Yep, took me five minutes.   It was so easy, I already knew what I wanted.  So what did I buy?

Here's the box in my office waiting to be opened.   Any ideas what it could be?

 Okay, here's a peek inside?   Still don't know?  Nope not a blanket, or doughnut.  Kinda looks like a doughnut.

 This just looks crazy, even to me.  Okay, okay, it's a 3 inch memory foam bed topper!!! 

 Here it sandwiched between my bed and my non feather feather bed?  Did you notice that my non feather bed is covered in a bag of sorts?  Well it is, and it's waterproof!!!  No I don't wet the bed...ha ha ha, but kiddos sleep with me and this saves me a lot of dry cleaning.  Plus it's not cheap to have a mattress steamed cleaned.  DON'T ASK!   

I'm like The Princess and the Pea!  I may actually need a stool to get into bed now, and my poor kids, hope they don't fall out.  That's along way down!  I'm just glad my deep pocket sheets fit it all! 

I know of all things I could have bought, why did I pick this?  Easy I bought it for my son Connor.
Our conversation when something like this....

Connor:  Mom, do we sleep on coils? 
Me:  Why do you ask?
Connor:  I saw it on TV.
Me: (damn TV)  Yes.
Connor:  We need to get a foam bed without coils.
Me:  Really?
Connor:  Coils are bad for your back, and mine hurts.  I would sleep better.
Me:  You might sleep better if you slept in you own bed! 
Connor:  I can't sleep in my own bed, you would miss me.

End of story, welcome home memory foam mattress topper!  I can't wait to see his face when we go to bed later, he doesn't know I ordered it.  =)  I'll let you know how it sleeps, and thanks Donnie for having such a great give away!  xx


Jennifer said...

awwwww that conver! I sleep on foam on top of my coils too =) its divine

Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

Anonymous said...

You are sleeping like a queen! Looks so comfy and cozy! Congrats on the win!

Have a great night!
~Michelle :)

Pam @ Our Adventures in Home Improvement said...

Nice choice for your winnings! I bet it feels great to sleep on. Congratulations.

Laura Wilkerson said...

Ah HA! So it's your son that's been talkin' to my son saying they should go sleep in our beds! j/k but I feel ya matter where I put mine down at night he always ends up right next to me :) I guess it's ok cause one day he won't even want me hugging him in front of his "friends". That's the day I dread :(

Pam said...

Cute story. I bet Connor will be much more comfortable now. I bought a much thinner one at Big Lots for our bed and I can hardly tell the difference. I should have just went for the real one.


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