Sunday, August 29, 2010

Master Bedroom Remodel - Part 3

I love my room!  I had so much fun designing and decorating her.  Hunting Goodwill, The Barn, Hobby Lobby and of course Craigslist.  I even enjoyed all the furniture refinishing, even when I decided to redo three pieces!  Well, one good thing, at least I know I'm a semi gloss black girl!!!  Live and learn! 

This shot was taken from the door leading into the bedroom.   I promise to hang LOTS of stuff over the bed!  I know it looks really blank right now.

This was taken from the bathroom door.  I'll post pics of the master bath one of these days, I love the way it turned out too.  I'm thinking of buying two really cute trunks from Hobby Lobby to stack on top of each other and put in the corner by the craft hutch.

I took this standing buy the closet door, you can see the bathroom door on the other side.

I had to get a close up of this corner, I love these chairs and my craft hutch.  I think this is my fave corner.

So this is from the bed, you can see the back of Georgia, and my lovely wall sconces.  I'm going to put Lo's bed pillow in the closet after Connor's birthday, but I can't take the chance of the kids seeing his presents.  I don't want to ruin his surprise! 

You can almost see into the bathroom from here, and there's the door to the room on the right. 

So, I'm sure you noticed a lot of empty walls, the room isn't completely done.  I'm still working on some pieces.  I'm hoping to have some wall art up soon, but for now this is her in all her glory.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Just Keeping My Promise....

I wish I had taken before pictures!  Does it show that I'm new?  I'm going to try to do better.  Apparently my camera should be on me at all times, never know when I'll need a before picture.  Sorry there won't be any in this post, but I know you can picture what they might have looked like before.  You can do it!

So this little guy looked like a little deer head, and as cute as he was before, he wasn't my style.  I've been wanting an all white deer head for a while.  Crazy, I know.  What's crazier is you can buy these little guys as is for $50 and up.  That's the real crazy.  I got him for $9.95 and just added some of the primer and paint I had at home, left over from another project.

Here he is again, what do you think?  Love him?  Hate him? 

Okay so the piece on the left is the new piece.  I put it here at first and just wasn't happy with it.  I think these two need a friend, I just think the scale of this one is off, so I moved it.  I'm not really sure why I like these little pieces so much, but my collection has grown to four in just a few weeks.

Ah, new home in the craft hutch.  So much better.  And look Sommer I opened the door before I took a picture! 

Okay, so this isn't that special, I agree.  That being said, it will be once you see it in place.  Well then why isn't it in place?  Listen here smarty pants, it will be as soon as it has a few more there!

 I have to add, I love that paint can make anything work in your home.  Thank you paint!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

What was that? Two posts in one day!!! Crazy, I know!

Okay, so for the longest time I've been meaning to drive over to Hobby Lobby.  Well today was the day.  I always think of this on Sunday, and we all know they are closed on Sunday.  Here's some pics of the stuff I scored, and I did score.  50% off everything!!!!  Woo hoo, see how much money I saved you Babe!!!  lol

I love this little mirror, it has a stand attached to the back like a photo frame, never seen one like it before.   I promise I don't live under a rock...:)

These plates caught my eye right away.  They were made for the plate stand, really.  Who doesn't like toile, and on a plate! 

This little plate was too cute to pass up too.  I think I may go back and buy a whole set.  :)  Don't sweat it Babe, they are on sale.

I've been looking for something just like this to stick up here for the longest time.  It still needs more stuff, but I was thinking this is a good start.  Connor came in the backdoor right after school and saw them right away and said "Mom, I like your letters!"  What a good boy!

Finally, the cloches got a little love too.  I painted them over a week ago, but they have sat empty until today.  I thought these little pears would work great, and I was right!!  lol  Plus, I may go back and buy these cute little pumkins I saw.  Won't that look cute in these for Fall?

Okay, so I have three more surprises for you, but they will have to wait until tomorrow.  They are in the garage drying, not all the things I got today were perfect as is.  I did have to paint a few, but three is not bad.

Master Bedroom Remodel - Part 2

I'm not sure what my problem has been this week...I've wanted to blog more and haven't had the time.  Connor is at school and Lo is across the street playing with her little friend, so I have time.  Well, not really, but the dishes and laundry aren't going any where...

The craft hutch started out on this side of the room and then a dear friend, Angie, made a suggestion to move it to another location.  (so it moved!)

See the black dresser?  It traded places with craft hutch, I don't think it minded.  The TV is still on the dresser at this stage, but trust me it doesn't stay there long.  See Georgia?  She's very happy at the foot of the bed, and Lo loves to play dollies on her.

Love the polka dot pillow?  Yes, this is where Lo camps out and watches TV.  How lucky is she?  I don't know too many three year olds with a 40 inch flat screen!

Ah, the Hubby, he wouldn't look at the camera of course.  Here's the proof that he painted, and love the color.  It makes me very happy.  Agave by Behr. 

Here's the room after a little rearranging, it'll be rearranged again before it's all done.  All of the black furniture even got repainted to a semi gloss before it was all said and done.  Yep I'm a glutton for punishment, but it had to be just right. 

Here's from the other side, I promise we hung curtains!  Promise more to come, maybe tomorrow, of the finished room.  When I say finished I mean until I change/add/do more....when is a room really finished? 

Monday, August 23, 2010

Master Bedroom Remodel - Part 1

Here is a sneak peak of some of the furniture I've refinished for the master bedroom design.  Everything in this post was bought on Craigslist or at the Barn, a local favorite.

This china hutch was refinished and repurposed.  What was once used to hold china now holds all my craft supplies and a few non crafty things...

This is the headboard, and I use it as such, boring I know.

I really like how the dresser turned out, of course this configuration and to be redesigned before I was completely happy.  Thanks to the hubby for hanging the T.V. on the wall.

This little lovely, her name is Georgia, hubby and I agreed that I had to have her.  Really.

This is Thelma, Louise is right next to her with her back to us, for $25 a piece I HAD to have them too.

So as promised this was the first peak into my room.  Hope you come back tomorrow to check out more.

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

How crazy am I?

Okay so that was a rhetorical question, all of you that know me know I'm slightly off...

I've been working on my master bedroom for about two months.  It's almost finished, I just want to share the before pics with you. 

It's been a lot of fun, and stressful, I won't lie.  I refinished SIX, yes SIX, pieces of furniture for this room.  Here's were the crazy comes in....I wasn't happy with three of the pieces, so I REDID them!  Crazy?  Yep I know. 

Here's something I learned, SEMI GLOSS is awesome!  Hopefully I will remember this and next time I paint, I'll use it instead of satin, then I won't have to redo anything!  lol


So this was the before, I only took these pics for insurance purposes.  How sad is this room?  It sat like this until about two months ago, 6 years like this!  Crazy?  See I told you...

Check back tomorrow for a few shots of the room as a work in progress....I promise to reveal all by the end of the week. 

Happy Sunday :)

Friday, August 20, 2010

My Sweet 1st Grader....Connor :)

I would like to introduce my sweet boy Connor James, some of you where here for all of these pics and know him, to the rest of you I'm catching you up!

Here's my sweet BIG boy on his first day!
21 3/4 inches long, 8 lbs 12 oz.

This is his first birthday, he's attacking me.
He hasn't changed much, still attacks me.

Birthday number two, getting so big.
Sweet as ever.

 This is his third birthday, and the first one with a Spiderman theme. 
 He's outgrown Spidey, now it's all about Star Wars.

He's practicing his MOVES here, four years old and he's got moves! 
He still has them, now he uses weapons.

My big five year old, this was the year of long hair. 
He was too afraid to get it cut, so we let it grow out.

And here he is the first day of 1st grade, almost six, where does the time go?
More handsome every day, and the sweetest boy EVER!!!
Of course I'm totally biased, but I'm lucky to be his Mom.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Quads

These very special girls made there debut at a 7-eleven last I didn't give birth at a gas Had you going for a second didn't I? Just look at them, can't you see their potential, well this proud momma can, and in the next couple weeks you will too! 

I should also share the lady that sold them to me, for a price so low it hurts, drove 45 minutes to meet me.  I was meant to have them.  Thank you craigslist seller, I salute you.

Aren't they gorgeous?  Look closely, can't you see it?

Okay, so this picture came out dark, this is my fault I'm  I promise to work on my photography skills, pink swear.

They are in great condition, and once I get my hands on an upholstery staple gun and the just right fabric they will be stunning.

Something like this?

Maybe like this?
Either way I promise to share their transformation with you every step of the way! 

Here's another dilemma, what should I name them?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Shutter Project

This project was a lot of fun, and I learned quite a bit doing it.  I learned, buy the shutters on the first trip to the Habitat store, so you don't have to load up all the kids and bestie to make them drive with you to the end of the Earth and back twice!!!  Lesson learned.  I also learned don't over spray the primer and shake the can really good! 

Here they are home from the Habitat store, $20.  (unless you count the gas from both trips, then add another $20, sigh.)

Added a little detail, had to dress them up.


Painted Aqua.

Glazed black with a some jewelry added, yes the knobs are the jewelry.

Close up of the jewelry.

Family photos.

Almost done.


It her new home in my loft office. 

This piece means the most to me of all the pieces I've finished.  The pictures of loved ones, displayed where I can see them everyday, and not just living in a box in my closet.

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