Thursday, February 28, 2013

Lauren's Room

  Today I'm sharing Lauren's room with you.  I love her room, it's so much bigger than the last house.  She can actually play in her room, and it holds ALL her stuff!
Which is really my stuff.  To know me is to know, I have decorated her room for me, for the room I didn't have at her age.  She loves it too, and is very proud of her room. 
Her room was even painted before mine, mine still isn't painted.  I even let her pick out the color, after I carefully selected four that I loved. 
Prepare for picture overload!

Thanks for making it this far!  I know it was  a lot of pics.  I'm getting ready to gut her closet it and put in a new system, and of course paint it.  She chose a beautiful dark pink for the closet.  I can't wait to get started!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Dining Room

  Please prepare yourself for picture overload. 
Now that you've been warned, here is my dining room. 

I will be replacing the light fixture.  This was here when I moved in, and it's not my taste, but will have to do until I can find the one that makes me swoon. (oh and affordable.)

Have I mentioned that I'm addicted to angel wings, and anything gold?


As promised, remember these chairs?  Before.

Thanks for checking out my dining room, it's a work in progress, stay tuned!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Family Room

  We didn't have a family room in our old house, and really this isn't a "family room", not really.  It could have been a fourth bedroom, but the original owners didn't upgrade to a bedroom, they left it as a loft. 
The old house had a loft, but it was so small it was barely larger than a hallway.  I used it as an office.
The kids love the loft, they have a t.v., laptop, stereo and all their gamers up there.  Which is great for me too, I can enjoy lounging downstairs in the main living area, Sponge Bob free!  lol
Prepare for picture overload! 
I love this vintage waterfall buffet, I painted it Aubusson blue.  Love this shade of blue.  I think this is one of my new favorite pieces.
I scored this floor lamp at an Estate sale, LOVE!  The chalkboard/magnet boards were just painted Duck Egg.

I had to include my seven deadly sins plates, they just add a little bit of sarcasm and color.  (so me!)

This sofa is ahmazing!  A very talented friend reupholstered it, I love the color it adds to the room.  I'm not afraid of color!

These are my fave pieces of art, I really lucked out finding these.  Duck Egg and Gold, doesn't get much better.

My hall of mirrors, I had so much fun collecting these.

The perfect little corner.

Trust me, the bench cover is just a quick fix.  I will be reupholstering this bench with something much more interesting, and colorful!
Check back soon, I'm gonna share my dining room with you soon!!!  I know you've been dying to know what happened to these babies!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Case of the Crazies…

I’m currently suffering from what I like to call a Case of the Crazies.  Crazy busy….
But despite my ‘illness’ I’m  back blog world!  I’ve decided no matter how busy I am, I need to take some time for me and what I enjoy.  I enjoy my blog.  So here I am, after way to long.
When I last posted in August, gulp, we had just moved in.  So that was fun, not!  Moving by your self is never fun, but I servived so it’s all good.  What have I been doing for the last 6 months, double gulp, August didn’t seem that far away until I started counting it on my fingers.
I’ve been updating every room in my house.  Apparently the original owners didn’t upgrade anything when they had the house built.  I even had gold door hinges and black door handles on every door!  So I’ve been doing a project at a time.  I wish I was close to finished, but I haven’t even scraped the surface…..c’mon Lotto!
I just finished a piece in my bedroom.  I’ve been wanting to paint it forever.  I’ve purged all the black furniture from my house.  Trying to lighten things ups.  My master bedroom still needs to be painted, but I thought I would share it with you, and maybe you can even give me some good suggestions on paint colors….hint hint…
This is the ‘new’ piece.  Imagine it all black, and now tada!
I used La Craie Pecan, Amber wax and Renaissance Gold to create this. Not sure if you have heard about La Craie, but it’s the French equivalent of ASCP. They have 32 colors in their line up, it’s nice to have more choices.  Plus I really like their paint and wax options.  My sweet friend Shannon from Fox Hollow Cottage carries La Craie at her place, check it out.
Thanks for stopping by and for putting up with me…you guys have to do that a lot…xx

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