Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fitness Friday #7

My back and hip are SO much better.  I'm still being careful, but at the same time I'm still working out.  My doctor told me to workout at 70%, I took this to mean 70% of MY custom workout that I create, not 70% of my videos.  My videos are much easier than what I create.  I'm a little worried since I haven't done one of my own workouts in almost 2 weeks.  Oh well, if I have to work back up to it, I don't have much choice.  I really can't afford to mess up my back and hip again, really, the chiropractor is $$$.  lol

This week I've been doing some of my Firm favorites, I used to be addicted to The Firm, still am really.  My own workouts are kind of based on their method.  Four limbed aerobics with weights.  You really sweat doing these, even the EASY ones will make you sweat.  I like the ones where I DRIP!  Those are the best!

My favorites this week are.... Power Burn 45, it's fun and you sweat.  I did two back to back the other day, cause they are pretty short, but that is nice on a day you don't have a lot of time.

Total Body Shaping Mix, it's fun too.  A little old school Firm.  It's a mix of routines from past Firm Videos.

I'm not sure what Firm I'll do today, I own like 10.  I do know which ever one I do, I'll sweat and it'll be easy to follow.  The Firm instructors are great at cuing their workouts.

Happy Exercising!!  xx

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What I'm Eating, Wednesday Weigh In, & What She Wore!

Check out my Tues-Thurs Party!!!

Okay, so my back is better and I've followed strict doctors orders.  His orders, give him lots of my money and only work out at 70%.  Both have been rough!  Specially the money part.  lol

So I've finally broken my plateau, and my physical condition seems to being improving too.  I only have one more week at 70% work outs, and then I get to increase as much as feels good.  I don't need another set back, my vacation is only 9 weeks away!

I'm actually down 2 lbs this week, so my new total is 17 lbs lost in 9 weeks.  I wish it were more, but with the set backs I've had, I'm still pretty dang happy.  I have 9 weeks to lose 13 more lbs.  Wish me luck!!!  My actual goal is to lose 23 lbs more, but I will be happy with 13 more lbs lost by vacation time, I can lose the rest when I get home from Disney.

So I'm changing it up a bit, here is my favorite meal of the day!

Meal #6
BBQ Pizza
1 sandwich thin
2 tb bbq sauce
3 oz chicken
2 tb cheese
2 tb pineapple
bell pepper
steamed veggie on the side!


I also had to add a shot of my favorite beverage.  I can't live with out this.  Iced Coffee.  Not sure what I would do if I didn't drink this everyday.  I don't think  I could function.

On to some cuteness!  What She Wore!  I've seen a lot of bloggs that do posts about what they wore, and until I'm happier with my body I'm going to use my daughter as the model!  lol
Isn't she sassy?  Love the bracelet and ring, gotto have bling!
Thanks for stopping by! xx


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Anything Goes Party #10

I can't believe this is the 10th party!  Man time flies.  Last weeks party was the most rocking party yet!  Over 100 links, you guys RULE!  I can't wait to see what you blow me away with this week.  I love checking every link out. you guys are so talented!

Here are few from last week I thought I'd share!

Apparently I have kitchens on the brain.   Check out the B&A of Lakeshore Cottage Living's Kitchen.  WOW!

I want to do this exact paint technique, in the next house of course, I'm not painting this one anytime soon.  W Design did an amazing job on this room!

You won't even believe how this was made!   I can't get over the transformation of this coat rack over at Vintage Skye.  I still don't believe it. 

I can't wait to be off my diet, I'm gonna eat a whole plate of this Creamy chicken and BACON pasta from Surving Motherhood.  Say it with me...'BACON'!  lol

Those of you I feature, please grab a button from my button page, if you want.  =)

On to the party.  No rules, just a couple suggestions.
1.  I would love it if you became a FRIEND of my blog, it'll make it easier for you to find the party.

2. Please put a link back to this party some where on your post/page so others can join in the fun.  I even have a button if you want to use it.  If you have a party page you can put the link there, I do that.

3.  Please link as much of anything you want, no limit.

Ready, Set, Go!!!  xx

Day Dreaming about Kitchens

Nope I'm not moving anytime soon, but that doesn't mean that I'm not researching and DREAMING!!!!   Yep lots of dreaming.  I live dreaming about the 'next' house, the bigger house.  lol  I love my home, but we have outgrown it. 

I don't have a favorite room, really.  I like to decorate all of them, but recently I've had kitchens on the brain.  I can't stop thinking about my next kitchen.  I occasionally dream about my next laundry room, master bathroom and office too.  Kitchens are definitely the front runner. 

I put together some photos I found on the internet of items I want for my next kitchen.  Prepare for photo overload!  lol  Just to let you know, these pictures are exactly what I'm dreaming about, but as close as I could find.

Farmhouse sink, with or with/out the part that goes up the wall.  Just as long as it's a farmhouse sink with a vintage faucet.  I don't want silver fixtures either, most likely ORB.  I just love ORB.

This kitchen has a lot of what I want.  Two different colored cabinets.  White on the top gray on the bottom.  Subway tile back splash, some open shelving and vintage lighting.  Even has the ORB faucet.

This is pretty close the to gray I would love for the bottom cabinets.  I want the walls in  the kitchen to be two shades lighter than this gray.

This creamy white for the upper cabinets and ceiling.

I want a kitchen island like this, I love the island/table.  It feels so open.  I want the top to be darker wood stain.  I want butcher block counters in a dark stain through out the kitchen.

This green, for the base of the island.  I LOVE green!  So bright, reminds me of fresh herbs.

Under cabinet lighting!  It's a must in the next kitchen.  

Vintage lighting, in ORB.  I know this one looks black, but the website said it was ORB.  I picturing one of the sink and two or three over the island, depending on how big the island is.

Drawer pull that look like this, only ORB.

Painted flooring.  I want this!  I want it  combined with a harlequin pattern.  I'm thinking this pattern around the island and under the island and on the outside of this pattern doing the harlequin.  Gray and white of course.

Windows and butcher block, both are a must have in the next house.  I want a wall of window over the sink and here is an example of the butcher block I was talking about.  Dreamy?

All Black appliances.  I've always liked black.  No stainless for me.  I definitely want a cook top and wall ovens.  Love the look.
This is the dream refrigerator.  I want one with the freezer on the bottom.  Sigh. 
Double wall ovens.


Here is another example of what I love!  Bright and beautiful.  I want a hood cover similar to this too, no metal hood covers.

Tin ceiling, painted white like the upper cabinets.

Do you dream about kitchens too?  xx

Sunday, March 27, 2011

More Free to Good Home!!!

So I went through the rest of Connors stuff, and have come up with 9 shirts to give away.  They are all in great shape, all spring/summer, size 5/6-6.  This is all that survived last year, the rest became cleaning rags, kids and their messes!  lol

They are all quality brands, Children's Place, Osh Kosh, Kohls.  Please send me a comment if you would like these.  First come first served.  Thanks xx

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Free to Good Home!

Nope, not giving the kids away, but don't think I haven't consider it!  It's just that time of year, cleaning house.  I have 8 pairs of boys shorts I'd love to give to one of you, or two.  Please leave me a comment, first come first served.  They are all size 7, and in new condition.  My son didn't wear any of them more than 3-4 times.  I bought them all at Kohl's.

My camera photographed them pretty well, but I'll give you the break down of the colors just to be safe.

Top Row: Olive Green with Navy writing, Dark Olive Green, Navy and Gray plaid, Dark Brown
Bottom Row:  Khaki, Dark Navy, Light Olive, Aqua, Light Lime Green plaid, Traditional Camo

Five have adjustable waists, three have elastic waists.  No stains or tears.  Really great condition.  Pet Free, Smoke Free Home.  (maybe not dust free...)

Check back for more to come.  I unfortunately don't have much in the little girl department, Lo plays pretty hard and most of her stuff either still fits or is a wreck.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Fitness Friday #6, Kristi Approved Plan New Pricing!!!

I just got an email from my affiliate Kristi Approved, Live the Life, they have new pricing.  Let me tell you, it's a crazy good deal too!  My Phase I with meals and execise plan was $150, now it's $39.99!  If you buy all four phases at one time it's only $99.99.  See, crazy good deal.

It's environmentally friendly too, now you can get everything online!  You can still order the booklets for an additional fee, but who doesn't love paperless! 

The best part, you can buy just the meal plans or the meal and workout plan combo.  Which I think is great, a lot of us know how to exercise, but we aren't good at the nutritional part. 

It's really easy to get started too, you just choose your membership and then you choose your phase.  They have four phases.  I'm currently doing Phase I, but plan on doing all four, specially now with the new pricing.

Phase I - Weight Loss & Build Habits.
Phase II - Weight Management & Sculpting
Phase III - Refining & Strengthening
Phase IIII - Mastery & Maintenance

They even have an app for your phone now!  How crazy is that?  I may have to upgrade my phone! 

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Have you Heard?

My bestie Sommer over at Designer Garden has a weekly party going on.  Her V.I.P. Party runs from Friday to Sunday every week, and it's a ton of fun.

If you are looking for another great party you should check her out, and her regular every day stuff is pretty awesome too!  I think I would say this even if she wasn't my bestie, but we'll never know! 


Zoo Outing, Spring Break 2011

Just thought I would share some random shots from the zoo yesterday.  We are on spring break right now, and actually had a very pretty couple of days.  The zoo was calling to us, so we answered the call of the wild and headed out. 

My kids love all the animals, I took a few shots but, tried to take pictures mostly of the kids. 

Lion, Connor's favorite.


Excited three year old!  lol  Lauren

Cutest, toothless 6 year old! Connor.  Did I mention the day before the zoo he had his front FOUR bottom teeth pulled!

See proof!  He had to have them pulled his big boy teeth were almost in!  What a brave sweet heart!

Penguin, Lauren's favorite.
Model riding the carousel.  This was the high light to the visit.  My kids love the carousel, but at two bucks a ride they get one each.

Water Buffalo, the female just had a 79 lb baby!  Yikes!

Man these two are cheesy little posers!  Yes, Lauren is wearing her pj's, I pick my battles.  She dresses her self, so I don't fight her.

Connor hung on for dear life, not that he was gonna fall off, but he doesn't take any chances!

I love this one of him.

My little chub of love.  She's gotten a lot rounder lately, I think she's getting ready for a growth spurt.



That was our day, I hope you are enjoying your spring break too! 

Thanks for stopping by! xx


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