Sunday, August 19, 2012

All Moved In!!!!

I can’t believe it.  I never thought this day would come, but here it is.  We are moved in, and UNPACKED!  Yep, 80 boxes.  My head hurts thinking about it. 

I wish Hubby would have been able to get leave to help, but it’s okay.  I had Sommer from Designer Garden to help me.  She even drove the U-Haul.

Of course I didn’t take any pictures of the house empty or the move.  It’s almost like I’m a new blogger!  lol  I’ve totally forgotten to live with my camera at my hip.

I promise more updates, just got to get more settled.  I have a lot of work ahead of me.  Every where I look I see projects.  LOTS OF PROJECTS!


A few pictures to hold you over…hopefully. 



My new office.


Stanley feels right at home!  lol



More to come soon!  xx

Monday, July 2, 2012

Missing in Action….

Hey! I'm Tammy from Type A, nice to meet you! I've been gone so long, I figured by now you all forgot who I was. I almost did!

It's been a crazy summer of kids, friends, packing and moving. Right now I'm packing up my house, in true Type A fashion I've stared packing a full five weeks before I close on the new house. Hubby is still in Afghanistan, so I thought I better get started since I was doing it al myself. I don't know how you guys do this moving/packing thing, but there has to be an easier way.

I have made time to go to some flea markets and sales, and I've picked up some great stuff for the new house, that I will have to move. I'm crazy busy, but I've been missing you guys and just wanted to say 'hey'. Let me know what you've been up too, I'm gonna do some stalking and then it's off to the vet. I also need to organize the garage today for a new piece to fit and help a friend move a piece at her place. Never a dull moment, I can't wait for school to start! lol

Link to the new house, can't wait to my touch on it!!!!

Have a great 4th of July! I'll be picking up furniture and packing that day. As you may know Colorado is on fire right now, so no Fireworks for us. Sending out all my love to every one effected by these fires, I hope you are all safe!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Lauren's Room Updated!!!

OMG, a post on Saturday?  What the heckers?  It's not even Tuesday....I'm trying folks, R.E.A.L.L.Y.

Well, I just had to share Lauren's NEW Bedding!  Yep, changed it up again.  Remember I bought her that beautiful chenille bedspread?  We incorporated it into her new bedding, and by we I mean Maureen Mahoney of 2and2Together.  I had the 'dream' and she has the MAD SKILLS!  Crazy mad skills.


She created the bedspread, pillow sham, throw pillow and stool cover.  I sent her the chenille bedspread, and then ordered the rest of the fabric online and had it shipped to her.  Did I mention, the bedspread is reversible!  She even created slits in the end to accommodate the bed!

Have you ever seen anything more lovely?  I adore the ruffles on the pillow sham, they are to die for!

I kept the color monochromatic, after convoing Maureen, she really has an eye for color and pattern.

What a yummy throw pillow, love the rosettes and the minky fabric.

I'm so jealous, I may trade rooms with her!

The stool is adorable, and just finishes the room!

Here are pictures of everything else she has done for me so far.

Powder bath sink skirt.  Love the pleats!  It's attached with velcro so I can wash it too!  Genius.

Bench for the foot of my bed.  I still need to order a piece of foam, to help hide the tufting.

Ottoman cover, again with the pleating.  I heart pleats.

Future projects, coming soon.

She is designing bedding for my son's room using men's suiting next.  Then another sink skirt, for the 'new house' and a shower curtain for the master.  The list goes on really.  I just wish she lived closer, I wonder if she would like to come live with me?  Hmmmm....

Thanks for stopping by!  Love xx


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Anything GOES!!!!

Party Time!  Missed me?  I've been crazy busy.  I'm working on out sourcing my life.  REALLY.

I've been talking to movers, cleaning folks, landscaper, seamstresses, contractors, day care providers, camp supervisors, and doggy day campers....yes you read that correctly doggy day campers.

I really feel over whelmed, but in a great way.  We got a verbal from the bank that the short sale is ours, and our financing company has also given us a green light.  Looks like we are actually getting this house.  Whew.  That's a relief. 

Now life gets crazy, as if the last 2.5 years haven't been crazy enough.  I get to move out of this place, get it rented and get the new place remodeled and moved in all by MYSELF.  No pressure.  Hence all the outsourcing.

I plan on moving the majority of the furniture and decor myself, but I will have to hire movers for the really big stuff.  I've found the movers, and they won't break the bank. 

I've also worked out daycare for my daughter for days when I need to close, move and clean.  I'm thinking the boy will play at a friends.  He's so easy, lucky for me I have one easy one.

Waiting to hear from a cleaning lady, I figure I have two houses to clean, and I can use all the help I can get.  Carpet folks are on speed dial too. 

Landscaper starts this Friday.  The dog has done a number on the yard, and the new place is a short sale so both yards need a little work, and weekly maintenance.  Funny story about him, his son is Lauren's "boy friend".  Yep, the five year old has connections.

Seamstress is working on a few items as we speak, and you know me, I have big plans for her in the very new future.  Actually, I have three of them, I'm greedy.

Contractor, check.  I've had him for the last 2.5 years, I just can't wait to do the walk thru with him and see what plans he comes up with.  The basement is going to be finished and the second floor slightly remodeled right after we close, in the Spring we will be doing the first floor and air conditioning.

Stanley is last by not least, I can't have him living in a kennel while all of this is going on, so I've arranged doggy day care for him.  He'll get to play his tushy off while I work mine off.  At least we be exhausted together.  Small miracle.  He's like the energizer Vizsla.  lol

Plus the kids are out of school, damn Summer.  The will be doing day camp at the rec, and I will be leaving them with friends too.  I just have to survive this Summer and before I know it they both will be in school.  I'm already tired.  I should double up on my caffeine now.

Looky what I painted!  Yep, I actually painted.

I'm a glutton for punishment apparently, but I had to paint my bedroom furniture again.  I figure third times the charm?  I'm over black furniture, all the black has to go.  This is a custom mix of Coco, Olive and Graphite ASCP, with dark wax over clear.

 The handles are black, with Duck Egg and Gold wax.  I custom mixed the Duck Egg paint with the clear wax.  Love what you can do with these products.

In my bedroom, until the move.  I'm literally moving less than half a block away, staying on the same side of the street even, so I figure I should paint what I can before I move. 

I will have more pics to follow, once the second night stand is done.  All it needs is wax. 

Party On!


Saturday, May 12, 2012

I'm ALIVE!!!! Pinky Swear...

  I really can't believe how bad of a blogger I've been lately, really in awe of my 'badness'.  Okay so the new me isn't going to make promises any more. 

Really I'm not sure what my problem is lately, stress maybe?  Probably.  Definetely. 

So I'm still waiting to hear back from the bank on this house.  I love this home too, it's half a block up the street from my current home, on the same side of the street.  My kids will get to stay close to all their friends, and I get 1000 more square feet.  I call that a WIN WIN!  Now come on bank.

I have been getting rid of a lot of stuff lately, purging for the move.  I have a ton of stuff to put on craigslist. 

I have more than this, but some of it is in my house and I'm using it until we move.  I bought all of these items to use in the 'next' house, but that was when the 'next' house was even bigger. 

I planned on refinishing all of the pieces, but that isn't gonna happen, I hope they all find good homes.   I have some great finds to share with you too.

Excuse the dust, it came like this.

I bought this for my son's room, won't it be a cute nightstand?

Thanks for stopping by and 'Hello' to all my new friends!!!

Happy Mother's Day to all of you wonderful Mommies!!!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Anything Goes!!!!

I promise I'm still alive.  Just busy.  We are under contract for a house, again.  It's a short sale, so now we are waiting on the bank.  One good thing, we offered over asking so the bank has to let me know something in 30 days, which is May 25th. 

Lauren is turning five, so I've been planning her party, and of course Stanley needs a lot of attention.  Dang special needs dog.  LOL 

I'm painting my bed room furniture this week, I promise a sneak peak tomorrow!  Party On!!!

Thanks Maury for checking on me, you are the best! 


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Anything Goes!!!!

Hey all, busy week, put an offer in on another house!  Off to run errands, hubby needs me to mail him some clothes.  Yep, no Walmart in Afghanistan.  lol   Have a good a week. 

Party On!!!


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Coffee Anyone?

Coffee table that is.  After a little work and some amazing paint here's what my $20 looks like today.


Two coats paint.  ASCP Old Ochre.

Remove tape.  Wax.

Add decor.

Step back and enjoy!

Would love to hear your feedback!  Thanks.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I wish…

I was my four year old daughter.  Well, I wish I had her room when I was her age.  If you’ve met my daughter, no one would want to be her, just have her stuff.  I love her don’t get me wrong, but she’s difficult, stubborn, strong willed, hard headed, and these are her good days.  Did I mention I love her?
Anyway, I bought her some cute stuff for her room recently and  I’m totally jealous.  T.O.T.A.L.L.Y.
I’m not proud. 
Ironstone Pitcher, (did I mention she’s four?)  Pink Quartz egg.  Ahhhmazing vanity!!!!
Love the wood on this baby, the lines and all her EIGHT legs!  Just full of loveliness.  
Looks great next to her bed.  All I need now is to find the perfect little chair.   I wouldn’t dare paint her, but for fun I mixed a custom ASCP to paint the drawers for a fun surprise.  Old White, Barcelona and Emperor’s Silk.  Not really sure how much of each, but it’s a super cute coral color. 
I’ve got a couple plans in the works to revamp her bedding.  I hope it turns out like the picture in my head.  LOL

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Anything Goes!!!!

  First, I'm so sorry the party wasn't up last week, but it was a rough week.  I almost lost Stanley.  Could you imagine the horror of not waking up to this face every day?

What you can't tell by looking at this adorable face is that, he's a biter.  Yep.  Mostly it's playful, but he also is a food guarder, and has broken the skin over food.  I've talked to a behaviourist and the breeder.  I'm working with him everyday to get him to be the amazing member of the family I know he has the potential to be.

Long, slow road.  Upside, I'm actually getting some exercise. 

Any way, on to the fun stuff, Highligts from last week and the PARTY!!!!
Thanks for the support and friendship.



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