Monday, February 28, 2011

What I'm Eating Week #6

Week #6 is one of my favorites so far, and the highest in calories to date.  1610 calories a day.  It almost feels like I'm not on a diet, almost. 

Meal #1
Waffles and Banana Cream (real waffles!)

Meal #2
Egg & Turkey Breakfast Sandwich

Meal #3
Blueberry Pancakes

Meal #4
Tuna Crunch Sandwich

Meal #5
Strawberry Cottage

Meal #6

I know it sounds like I eat a lot of breakfast food, and this week it's a little more that normal, but it's all yummy and filling.  I stole a peak at weeks 7 and 8, they already have me drooling!  lol

Send me a comment if you want any recipes. 


Monday's Measurements #5

I just finished week 5.  The weeks seem to be picking up speed, didn't I just post my measurements?  lol

Well, I won't leave you in suspense!  Here are my results.  My new weight is 161.5 , for a loss of 2.5 lbs, and 1.25 inches!  That much closer to swimsuit season and Disney!!!  Of course every time I work out the same thing crosses my mind....why doesn't this fat run away?  I mean I would if some one was working me this hard.  =)

Another picture. 

Okay here are my new measurements.

Shoulders 39.5/ = same
Chest  36/ = same
RT/LT Biceps 10.75/10.75~ = same
Waist 30.5/ 29.75 = -.75
Hips 39.5/ =  same
RT/LT Thighs 23.25/23~ 23/22.75 = -.50
RT/LT Calves 13.75/13.75~ = same

My new total after 5 weeks is 13.5 lbs and 15.5 inches.  This weeks the inches were a little bit of let down, but I'm sure I'll have better weeks than others.  I want to thank all of you for being my cheering section, your support is a huge motivator.  Blogging about this has really helped me stay focused, and committed. 

Quick question.  I'm thinking highlights for summer?  Any thoughts?  I'm gonna hit the tanning beds for a few weeks before vacation too, I will need a base tan or I will FRY!  (don't worry, I pinky swear not to over do the tanning beds, just a base tan.)

Thanks!!!  xx

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Living Room Updates

I wish I could say it's DONE, but I'm still waiting on one final delivery.  Let me tell you this, I better be in love with these pillow covers, cause it's taken 4 weeks and they still aren't here!  Just to clarify, I'm not a demanding Etsian, I know some shops are busier than others, but I was told it would be a 2 week turn around.  In my head that means 2 weeks, not 4.   Enough said.

I'm still super happy with the direction the room is headed, and in my opinion it's looking purdy good.

Here is the area before.

Then remember when I asked you to vote on picture layouts?  Layout E got the most votes, even though I didn't Pinky Swear to use the winner, I did.  You guys were so right on with this layout.  Great job!

Here's a close up, I love the frames, and art just pops in them. 

Not a lot of changes going on here.  I replaced the green candles with these orange ones.  I just shopped the house.  I own a ton of candles...I'm good in a black out!  lol  Then I took the clock from the buffet that is behind the couch.  I really like it here, but am considering a really cute bird clock I saw at Pier 1 the other day.  We'll see.

Buffet area behind the couch got some love too.  To save my life I couldn't find a before picture, sorry.  These are pillow fronts that I framed.  I contacted the Etsian and asked her if she would just sell me the front panel.  She said yes, and art was born.  Check out her page Jolie Marche, I'm totally in LOVE with her pillow covers.  I may actually have to order covers next time.

Let me tell you this, the fabric is so soft, if I could I would recover my sectional in it!  Top quality.  I thought it was cool that they looked like vintage grain sacks.  BONUS.

I'm still at a loss for what to do on top of the buffet? I found a really cool apothecary cabinet I could replace the silver holder with?  What do you think?  Any suggestions are helpful.  I mean really, seems like you guys are the ones decorating my house, I just take your advise! 

Thanks Friends!  xx

Friday, February 25, 2011

Projects in the Making, and a GIVE AWAY!!!!

I'm not gonna lie, it makes me cringe to look at this picture.  What a mess!  Really it isn't, everything is out for a reason.  I have projects to do, and well you can't do a project and not make a little mess.  I'm dealing with it as best I can.  

You can see I have projects on the counters and floor, and even some errands stacked on one counter.  I have to run to the post office tomorrow, so I figured why hide the mail?  See the bag on the counter?  That is Mr. Type A's Valentine Gift!  Doh, sorry Beefcake, LOVE YOU.

I just want to say, in the next house I will have a mud room, but my reality is this little corner by the back  door.  However, the picture was more to show off the Rooster door stop.

I love this little guy and for $10 what's not to love.  It's cast iron, and I got it and Cost Plus World Market.  I may of even giggled when I saw the price. 

Little close up of the disaster living on my counters.  Starting on the left, we have a faux Roman shade in the works.  In the middle is my taxes I'm bringing to the accountant.  Winners of the barn photography give away, the proof that I'm going to mail your art is on the right, along with Beefcake's candy.  Every thing on the lower counter is all the goodies I bought at Sherwin Williams tonight.  I think I have a crush on them, but more on that in a few.

Close up of the faux Roman shade fabric, matches the pillow covers I made for the couch.  I bought it from this awesome Etsian, Kittredge Mercantile.  Great price, and the fastest shipping ever!  Plus she's super friendly.  Check her out if you want some vintage ticking type fabric.

Okay so on to my Sherwin Williams crush.  I bought two sample paints to paint the boards on the kitchen floor.  Yep you caught me, I'm gonna try my hand at kitchen signs.  (wish me luck)  The samples are 4 times bigger than the ones at Orange or Blue, and they have lids that screw on/off!  Genius.  $5.50 each, they will complete these signs and more.

Check this out, they sell paint decks!!!!  Orange sells theirs for $20-40 each, and Blue sells theirs for roughly the same.  Blue does sell some smaller ones for $5, but they only have like 50 samples in them.  Sherwin Williams has 1000 sample colors and its $10!!!  I'm over the moon!

See, proof.  Best part!  I got one for you too!  Yep, one lucky winner will get a paint deck all their own!!!!!

Check this out, sanding blocks that bend!  They are sold at SW too, and they are only 99 cents each!  They come in 60, 80, 100, and 150 grit.  Great for those hard to reach spaces.  I swear I don't live under a rock, but I really feel like other blogs were holding out on me about the awesomeness of Sherwin Williams.

Here's a picture of it not bent.  They are an awesome deal, I'll try in out on the dresser project I'm getting ready to tackle and let you know what I really think.

Okay my friends.  To enter the Paint Deck Give Away, here are the rules.

1.  Please Follow my blog, leave a comment that you are a new follower or a current follower.  This counts as one entry.
2.  Mention this GIVE AWAY, either on your blog, twitter or facebook page and leave me a comment telling me what you did.  I will not double check, I TRUST you.  This is also one entry.
 Two Total Entries

Give Away closes next Friday, March 4th.
Please make sure I have your email address or some  way of contacting you.  If I can't get a hold of you I will draw again.  I will use for the drawing.

Thanks for stopping by!  xx


Fitness Friday #2

This is really one of my favorite topics.  This week I want to talk about equipment.  I have a few I can't live with out, well, I don't want to live with out them.  Today I'm gonna talk about three of them.

First up, Lex Loop by SPRI, I love this, it's really great for working your lower body, and the cuffs keep it in place around your ankles.  It comes in 5 different resistant levels too.  Starts around $18.  I own a yellow, green and red one. 
YELLOW LEX LOOPS™ - Very Light Resistance

Second item, Bodylastics Bands.  These are awesome, and you can do a ton of different moves with them.  Works the entire body, head to toe.  Love the pouch, very travel friendly.  This is a great system if you are looking for an affordable home gym.  Starts around $46.  I own two of each band and extras of the handles, leg straps and door anchors.  Makes it easier to go from one exercise to the other.

Third, the Bender Ball.  This is great for abs, butt and back.  You can also get them at Target.  They go for $10 on the website, at Target they are $20, but you get more videos.  I love to squeeze these between my knees when I work on my abs and quads.  I own two.  Why do I own two?  Well, I put one behind my back when I'm doing my crunches and I squeeze one between my knees to work my inner thigh.  I'm all about work smarter not harder!  lol
I love that these are affordable and portable.  I've been know to work out even on vacation.

Update on last weeks Fitness Friday, my new Jari Love videos came in the mail.  I did her Extremely Ripped, all 3 thirty minute segments.  I loved it, I could have used heavier weight, but I had never done the video.  Now that I  know what to expect I will push it more the next time I do it.  It's really great, you can do as many of the segments as you like with as much or no weight.  Perfect for any level. 

Check back next Friday for a Fitness Give Away!

Thanks for stopping by! xx

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Silhouette Give Aways Galore!!!

It's crazy how many Silhouette Give Aways are going on in blog land.  Here is the list, Good Luck!  I've entered them all too! 

I just want to thank all of these fabulous blogs for sharing this give away with all of us!!!! 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Anything Goes Party #5

Hey there it's PARTY TIME!!!  Just want to share a few from last week with you, and then we can party!  I'm really that dorky.  REALLY!  (I probably even snorted just then!)

Michelle from Shell's Shabby Shack had this amazing slip cover to share last week! 

The Epitome of Us created this AWESOME Pottery Barn know off!

Allison from Fab Rehab Creations knocked this one out of the park!

Stop by and show 'em some love!  And for you folks I feature, don't forget I have a handy dandy button on my button page, grab one if you like!

On to the party.  No rules, just a couple suggestions.
1.  Please follow my blog, it'll make it easier for you to find the party every week. 
2. Please put a link back to this party in your post so others can join in the fun.  I even have a button if you want to use it.  If you have a party page you can put the link there, I do that.
3.  Please link as much of anything you want, no limit.
I can't wait to see what you guys blow me away with this week. 

What I'm Eating Week #5

I can't believe I'm already starting week five?  It really is flying by.  Week 4 was easier than I expected, it was the lowest calorie week for me, but I still didn't have to have any extra meals to get by.  I think my stomach is shrinking.  I still haven't felt hungry and my cravings for 'junk' are pretty much gone.  I still can't watch the food network, but some day.  lol

Meal #1
Tropical Sorbet (shake)

Meal #2
Eggs & Berries

Meal #3
Banana Butter Cakes
  I really love this!  Rice cakes with Almond butter and banana!!!

Meal #4
Chicken Berry Salad

Meal #5
Fruit Snack and Cream

Meal #6
Crunchy Southwestern Omelet

All very yummy, I didn't even have to substitute anything this week.  I liked it all.
Let me know if you want any of the recipes.  I'd be happy to share.

Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Candle Holder Reveal

Check out my Party going on Wednesday & Thursday every week.

Oh my! I finished a project! I can't believe it either.  I did do the shower curtain the other day, but this was a little more time consuming, just a little.  I took me two days to do it, so see a little longer.  FYI, the shower curtain took 20 minutes!  lol

I've seen these big  chunky candle holders all over the web, and decided to make them myself!  It was easy too, some 4x4s cut to size at Home Depot and some decorative wood plaques from Joann's, a little primer and paint. 

Literally, $30 including candles, not a big price to pay. 

The candles have a vanilla fragrance to them, which I'm sure I will notice as soon as the paint fumes are completely gone!  Maybe I jumped the gun bringing them in?  Oh well, they are dry.

A little closer up.

Right at home in the office.  I really love my office, can you tell?  I feel like I spoil it, can you spoil a room?

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my latest project, happy to cross it off my list!!!  xx

Really, I have a list.  I had to make myself a daily chore list, so I could get all the important stuff done.  I left  myself time three days a week to work on projects.  If I get the chore part of my day done fast enough I can work on whatever, but I found that I was lost with out a list.  Plus if gives me time to relax.  I was done with the chore section by 12:30, and that included working out.  I've had all afternoon to work on this project and cuddle with the kids.  We watched the 12 Princesses, Connor wasn't thrilled.  He kept asking when there would be fighting!  lol

Monday's Measurements Week #4

Wow week four finished, feels great.  The meals and exercise are starting to become more routine for me, in a good way.  I know what I have to do, and I make sure to give myself the time to do it.  Even the kids help, Lauren loves to workout with me, and they both want to try everything I eat.  Of course they only try it, so far nothing I've made has been to their standards.  I just can't compete with chicken nuggets, mac and cheese and turkey hot dogs...oh well.

I'm afraid my photography skills have not improved as I would like, but these will have to do.  I haven't learned my lesson with the horizontal stripes either!!!  Doh.
My new weight is 164 lbs, for a loss of 3lbs and 3.25 inches!!  Woo Hoo, trucking right along.
We'll start at the top and move down.

Shoulders 39.5/39.5 = 0
Chest  36.5/36 = -.5
RT/LT Biceps  11/11~10.75/10.75 = -.5
Waist 31/30.5 = -.5
Hips 40/39.5 = -.5
RT/LT Thighs 23.75/23.25~23.25/23 = -.75
RT/LT Calves 14/14~13.75/13.75 = -.50

My total after four weeks is 11 lbs and 14.25 inches lost!  Slowly but surely I will make my goal.  Thanks for being my support team!  xx

I was going to figure out how much body fat that equals, but I'm still working on how to do that.  lol  If you have and suggestions, I would appreciate it.  I'm probably over thinking it. 


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