Friday, November 26, 2010

Silhouette Envy

It's true, I'm envious of everyone that owns a Silhouette.  I feel like the last crafter to get one...I entered a few  give aways, one at Shanty2Chic, The Idea Room, Tatertots and Jello, and Just a Girl, so cross your fingers I win!  I'm already dreaming of all the stuff I could do with it! 

Check out the Silhouette site, it really is the greatest thing since the light bulb.  REALLY!  The have a sale going on right now too, 40% off everything but the machine if you use the code FRIDAY. 

Here is the machine.

This is a great sample of what you can do with it, just in time for the holidays!!!! 

Fingers Crossed I win!!!  WINK WINK!!!


Sommer said...

Fingers crossed Mama! I know how you feel. I ended up finding a new open box older model on craigs list for a fraction of the original price and went for it because I couldn't stand to wait and hope to win. I have used the heck out of that thing. Though I'm still waiting to try out the vinyls and rhinestones.


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