Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Room Fit For A SuperHero!

My son Connor had been asking me and hubby to 'color' his room blue forever, when we painted it 18 months ago.  Daddy picked out the Transformers bedding, we had just seen the second movie and I think Daddy wanted the bedding more than Connor, and definitely more than me.  I don't know about you, but I really dislike all things character.  

This is his room last fall. 

Here it is now.  I got rid of his box spring when I bought this bed of Craigslist, isn't it great!  It didn't even need paint, SCORE!  I love to refinish furniture, but sometimes it's nice to just put it in the room as is.  I also bought him that great little dresser this summer, and I did refinish the lamp.  It was brown, and pretty ugly, but only $10, so worth the spray paint.

You can kind of see his rug on the other side of his bed, and now he has a book sling and a cushy pillow to relax while reading.  Which really translates to where he plays his DS!  Notice no more Transformers bedding!  I scored this quilt and sham set for $42 at Marshalls.  He has more pillows at the foot of his bed, they are ones I had made for him, so they are really special to me.

I also painted the frames on the wall, one is a magnet board and the other is a chalkboard.   The bookcases replaced the wire one, I had a neighbor build them from some plans I found online and then I painted them myself.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out little man's room. 

Tammy :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Tammy!

I love the bed and the bedding! I'm with you on the themed stuff. They get tired of it after 6 months, anyway. Great idea on the magnet and chalkboard. You're so creative! Love it!


Tammy @ Type A said...

hey girl, thanks for stopping by! they funny part about the room, he tell's me the other day he wants me to paint the walls green now! doh.

Anonymous said...

Yikes! Good luck with that! Boys...


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