Friday, February 25, 2011

Fitness Friday #2

This is really one of my favorite topics.  This week I want to talk about equipment.  I have a few I can't live with out, well, I don't want to live with out them.  Today I'm gonna talk about three of them.

First up, Lex Loop by SPRI, I love this, it's really great for working your lower body, and the cuffs keep it in place around your ankles.  It comes in 5 different resistant levels too.  Starts around $18.  I own a yellow, green and red one. 
YELLOW LEX LOOPS™ - Very Light Resistance

Second item, Bodylastics Bands.  These are awesome, and you can do a ton of different moves with them.  Works the entire body, head to toe.  Love the pouch, very travel friendly.  This is a great system if you are looking for an affordable home gym.  Starts around $46.  I own two of each band and extras of the handles, leg straps and door anchors.  Makes it easier to go from one exercise to the other.

Third, the Bender Ball.  This is great for abs, butt and back.  You can also get them at Target.  They go for $10 on the website, at Target they are $20, but you get more videos.  I love to squeeze these between my knees when I work on my abs and quads.  I own two.  Why do I own two?  Well, I put one behind my back when I'm doing my crunches and I squeeze one between my knees to work my inner thigh.  I'm all about work smarter not harder!  lol
I love that these are affordable and portable.  I've been know to work out even on vacation.

Update on last weeks Fitness Friday, my new Jari Love videos came in the mail.  I did her Extremely Ripped, all 3 thirty minute segments.  I loved it, I could have used heavier weight, but I had never done the video.  Now that I  know what to expect I will push it more the next time I do it.  It's really great, you can do as many of the segments as you like with as much or no weight.  Perfect for any level. 

Check back next Friday for a Fitness Give Away!

Thanks for stopping by! xx


Sommer said...

Show off. LOL no really people I have worked out with Tammy in the past and this girl knows what she's talking about! I've never in my life had such beautiful muscle definition or sweated so much as I did while I worked out with her. She's a beast!

Anonymous said...

I'm tired just looking at this! I have some resistance bands and they are great for toning. I didn't realize they came in so many types. Very cool! Thanks for sharing, Tammy!

Hope you have a nice weekend! xo

Donnie said...

Next thing you'll be a that for you.

Jenn @ Peas and Crayons said...

Still waiting on you to come train me! <3 hehe

Great advice/products! Thanks love!

Jenn @ Peas & Crayons


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