Monday, February 18, 2013

Family Room

  We didn't have a family room in our old house, and really this isn't a "family room", not really.  It could have been a fourth bedroom, but the original owners didn't upgrade to a bedroom, they left it as a loft. 
The old house had a loft, but it was so small it was barely larger than a hallway.  I used it as an office.
The kids love the loft, they have a t.v., laptop, stereo and all their gamers up there.  Which is great for me too, I can enjoy lounging downstairs in the main living area, Sponge Bob free!  lol
Prepare for picture overload! 
I love this vintage waterfall buffet, I painted it Aubusson blue.  Love this shade of blue.  I think this is one of my new favorite pieces.
I scored this floor lamp at an Estate sale, LOVE!  The chalkboard/magnet boards were just painted Duck Egg.

I had to include my seven deadly sins plates, they just add a little bit of sarcasm and color.  (so me!)

This sofa is ahmazing!  A very talented friend reupholstered it, I love the color it adds to the room.  I'm not afraid of color!

These are my fave pieces of art, I really lucked out finding these.  Duck Egg and Gold, doesn't get much better.

My hall of mirrors, I had so much fun collecting these.

The perfect little corner.

Trust me, the bench cover is just a quick fix.  I will be reupholstering this bench with something much more interesting, and colorful!
Check back soon, I'm gonna share my dining room with you soon!!!  I know you've been dying to know what happened to these babies!



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