Thursday, March 7, 2013

Connor's Room

  Basically his room is not done, but who knows when it will be, I doubt you want to wait.  lol 
His room is as big as the last house, but what you can't see in th pictures are his giant walk in closet.  There's even a window in it!
Prepare for almost picture overload, I don't have as may pictures of his room.  I was lucky to go in his domain, eight year old boys like their privacy.  Geesh.

I still need to paint his room and do a small project for over his bed, and then I'm done!  It needs carpet too, but the entire house needs flooring, so that goes with out saying.  Now if I could just win the lotto! 


Unknown said...

I love the Star Wars theme. My 8YO has a SW Lego room, but I love how uncluttered your room is!

Jenny @ Simcoe Street said...

The room looks great!!!


Unknown said...

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