Wednesday, September 8, 2010

In Need of Some Design Help.....I'm Rather Needy!

This lovely is sitting in the garage waiting for me to make up my mind....poor thing might be there a while.  =( 
 'To Tuft or Not To Tuft?" That is the BIG question!

Crazy, but I could only find two blog inspirations.  You would think they would be all over the place, and maybe they are, and I couldn't find them.  You can go here to check out this first example by the Little Green Notebook.
And for the life of me I can't remember where I found this one, SORRY!  These examples are both tufted, I couldn't find one that wasn' I said before I could only find these two.

Here is an example of one that isn't tufted.  Not terribly exciting, I know, but I thought you would like a visual aid.  I'm leaning toward tufted, but would like some opinions. 

I know I'm going to paint the legs black, my new favorite color.  The fabric is another dilemma.   I know I will use something colorful and with a pattern of sorts.  If I don't tuft it, I think I want to cover it in a burlap type fabric and paint it to look like a vintage grain sack.  Here's a rough idea of the sack idea, see more visual aid.  If you want this pillow you can find it here.

Wow two links in one blog, and a second blog in one day!  Who knew I had it in me?  lol


Sommer said...

I say go for it! Don't let fear get in the way of an awesome project!

Angie said...

HA!! I LOVE the tufting and I pick the vintage grain sack!!! ;)

BlissfulHeartCoach said...

LOVE Tufting!
Although I haven't done it in years! =0)

Nikki@KreativeKnack said...

Do it! the second pic with the tufting would be great for the table you have...those curves rock! Good Luck Girl!

Angie said...

Have you made up your mind yet? ;)

Deb's mind said...

I love the idea of painting the legs black and using the burlap fabric in a graphic pattern. It is going to turn out gorgeous. I can't wait to see the after pics.


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