Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Laundry, Anyone?

Laundry is a chore like any other, but wouldn't it be nice to have one of these rooms to do it in?  I can't stop thinking about having my own laundry room.  I currently have a laundry closet, and of all the things in my home, I HATE it!  The next house will have to have a laundry room, but until then I will dream.
I love how the counter goes over the machines, and they are tucked back flush with the cabinets.

The colors and wallpaper are great.  I definitely want color in mine.  These counter tops don't suck either.

This storage closet is perfect, and I love the siding on the wall.

Dreamy!  I love this, I think I want more color in mine, but this has everything I could hope for.

I want a sink for sure, and I'm digging the skirt, pretty and functional.

These are just a few of my inspirations.  It's pretty sick that I dream about my laundry room?!


Sommer said...

The blue cabinets are my favorite! But I would want it with the black and white damask and accents.


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