Saturday, February 19, 2011

Lauren's Room Update, with a few Close Ups.

Finally, a post that doesn't revolve around my weight, what I'm eating or my workouts.  I never planned on my blog being taken over by my fight with fat.  I promise more home decor and crafty posts in the near future, starting with this one.

You all know I got Lauren the cutest dang bed off Craigslist recently, and few cute little decor items to dress up her desk and room.  Well, some of your comments mentioned her needing a mirror.  I totally agree, she needs a mirror.

So Ta Da...Mirror.

Isn't she cute!!  I got her at one of my favorite stores, The Barn.  Lauren has already told me it's for putting on her make up.  That's my girly girl!

I know some of these pictures are repeats, but I wanted to show you a close up of the 'Art' on this side of the room.  They are framed paper dolls.  I love them, they are based on Gone With the Wind, one of my all time favorite movies.  Only the artist used animals instead of people.

Here's a close up of Scarlet O'Hare.  Isn't she cute.  I wish I could share the link to where I bought these, but sadly they are out of the paper doll business after 14 years.  They want to try something new, good luck!  I will miss your dolls.

This is another paper doll from La Boheme.  I'll have to figure out how to get a better close up so you can see the detail, maybe I should scan it?  The blanket was made by a dear friend of the family, and it has never been used!  Lucky me, Lauren has never pulled it off the wall either.  I really wanted it be a keepsake, so far so good.

Mr. Type A made both of these little floating shelves with rods, I was the designer.  He takes direction pretty good for a man!  lol  I just wanted to be able to hang her blanket and some of her dresses.  Notice one dress is missing, it's on her baby.  I pick my battles, my favorite of her dresses is put up in a box she can't reach.  The picture of her and her 'Gigi' is hard to see, but it is one of my favorites.  Gigi, is her Great Grandma, and like a mother to me, she helped raise me.

Aren't they cute!  Lauren loved Gigi right away, even at 5 months old she new she was in good hands.  Just check out that toothless smile! 

This is one of the banner's I had made for her 'Tea Party 3rd Birthday", it hangs from her door now.  I need to replace the dowel rod, it's too small.  I will one of these days. 

On to her little stool that resides under her desk.  I bought her the cutest vintage little girl desk chair, and then we went to The Barn and she saw this.  She HAD to have it, yep at 3 she already has her own sense of design.  That's my girl. 

My sweet friend Angie over at All My Treasures, wanted the 411 on this piece, so here it is.  I didn't make it obviously, but I could have.  Sometimes it's just nice to buy instead.  (and easier, and less time consuming)
I think Lauren fell in love with it cause it's pink and soft.

View of the top cushion, the fabric is pretty cute, and very soft.

I love that it opens and can be used as storage.  I love multipurpose anything!

And it's on wheels, so she can  move it around easily.  One less thing I have to to. =)

I hope you guys like the changes!  Thanks for stopping by!  xx


The Vintage Farmhouse said...

Very cute!!

Elle Uy said...

Lucky girl! :)

Angie said...

It all looks fantastic! I am in LOVE with that adorable little storage seat on wheels!!

Donnie said...

wish I had a room like that at any age. I had to share with my brother when I was her age. Gorgeous room.

SLR said...

so sweet, the bed is amazing!


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