Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Anything Goes PARTY #11

My favorite time of the week is upon us!  I just love this party!  Here are few highlights from last weeks party!  Enjoy.

Really love this little scale redo from Dream Book Design, I may have to make one of these.

Brassy Apple did a great job on these French canvas.

I love paper dolls, these framed ones from Tea Diary would look great in a little girls room!

Lilyfield Life did a beautiful job on this dresser, I heart damask and gray!

Those of you I feature, please grab a button from my button page, if you want.  =)
On to the party.  No rules, just a couple suggestions.
1.  I would love it if you became a FRIEND of my blog, it'll make it easier for you to find the party.

2. Please put a link back to this party some where on your post/page so others can join in the fun.  I even have a button if you want to use it.  If you have a party page you can put the link there, I do that.

3.  Please link as much of anything you want, no limit.

Ready, Set, Go!!!  xx

A couple more bits of news, my hard drive has been fixed, by the time you are reading this my new one will be in it's new home!  The Geek Squad fixed it!  They transferred all the data to a new hard drive.  The cost?  $150, including a new 500 GB hard drive!!! 

One last thing, and then you can go party your hearts out.  My girl Jen at over at Peas and Crayons has a party going on Wednesday every week, it's called What I Ate Wednesday, check it out!



Anonymous said...

I am a follower, I have linked and added your button. Thanks for the anything goes party! you rock!

Donnie said...

I made always look like the crazy aunt among all your other linkers.

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

LMAO at Donnie's comment!!! geez! :)
Thanks for hosting the party.

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

What an awesome scale!!! Thanks for hosting the party.


Kranky Granny said...

Discovered your party place on my friend Donnie's blog. Love having a new place to par----tee----eeee.

I will also be linking so that I can remember to meet up again next week.

Hope you will enjoy your visit to my place as well.

Jill said...

Thanks for hosting again Tammy! Hope this week is bigger than ever for you! :)

Jill @ Creating my way to Success

♥ Miss Tea said...

Wohoo! i've been featured! Thanks soo much Tammy! You Rock and Let's Party!

Anonymous said...

Good morning!

Thanks for the link-up! I love looking at what others have been up as well as sharing what I've done.


Mary Ann Pickett said...

I found you through Donnie...this is fun. I am following you.

Life In The Thrifty Lane said...

Thanks for inviting me over! I'm also your newest follower :)

kate said...

Thanks for the invite!

Unknown said...

I made it to the par-tay! Now where are the chips? :)

c.w.frosting said...

Thanks for the invite & for hosting! Following now =)

-caroline @ c.w.frosting

Unknown said...

Thanks for inviting me to link up, it looks like I didn't make it in time but I will link up next week for sure. Have a great weekend!


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