Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wednesday Weigh In, What I'm Eating, What She Wore #3

So I weighed today and I'm happy to report that my new weight is 153 lbs!  Total loss of 22  lbs!  Here's a new picture too.  What do you think of my new hair color?  I'm thinking of highlights for the Disney trip, and suggestions?

I love what I'm eat this week, it's what the kids are eating too! Yep still sticking to my diet, but now I'm getting the kids in on it, I figure we should all eat healthy.  They weren't too happy about it at first, but they are coming along.  I'm still eating off the Kristi Approved Menu, but now at dinner time we all sit down and eat a healthy meal together.  I got rid of their Oreos too!  Vanilla wafers and sugar free chocolate pudding for them.
Here is one of the dinners we had this week, love it!
English muffin
2 oz ham
1 egg
2 egg whites
2 tb corn
2 tb low fat cheddar cheese
Now on to the good stuff, What She Wore.  Well we got a mani/pedi, she did, I just got a pedi.  We are wearing matching toe color, and look at it paired with her new dress.  I bought it for the Disney trip, I figured she should have a couple of dresses for dinners.

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Have a great one!  xx



Jenn @ Peas and Crayons said...

Ohmygosh that dress is adorable! Congrats on your weight loss sexy lady!!! whoohooo!!!!!

Happy WIAW!!! <3

Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

Designed by Chance said...

Hey Tammy you are looking so good. If you go for highlights do something natural we don't want any skunk looking hair (you know black hair with a big white bit). Maybe that is hip out in the west but over here in Phoenicia we like it more natural :P That dress is so cute, and matching pedis is so sweet! I love it.

Donnie said...

You are doing great and you'll look fabulous on your vacation as will your little one. That dress is darling.

SLR said...

lookin' good hot mama! love the hair color...if you do highlights, just get some face framing ones - they are flattering and low maintenance. i'm a former hair stylist, FYI. your daughter is super adorable!!!

♥ Miss Tea said...

GOSH you look awesome, Tammy!! look at those tummy and abs and bum!! you look so great!!! Good job on losing 22lbs!! i am so envious!! it's good that your kids also have the same healthy food as yours, i know kids these days about obesity coz too much junk food and sweet stuff, your daughter is super duper adorable and cuteee, look at her with a pretty dress for disney trip and a cute fingernails and toes!! awwwwww

Connie the crafterbug said...

You look great! I think it is funny how you don't show your face. You are very mysterious.

Anonymous said...

You look like you weigh much less than 150! You look more like 130.


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