Monday, August 15, 2011

Meet Hyphen Interiors, Week 16

I’m Kristy from Hyphen Interiors.  I’m excited to be guest posting on Type A Decorating.  I met Tammy through one of her link parties a few months back.  She has always been super nice and open.   We even did a series on blogging tips together, at the same time on each of our blogs.  It was called “Before the Paparazzi” if you want to check it out! 
Tammy said to tell you guys a little about myself and my blog! 
This is me.  (From my webcam. Bleh.)

My little blog, Hyphen Interiors, was born at the very end of February of this year.  So, I’m almost six months into it, yet trust me, I feel so new and am constantly learning new things about blogging.  I had no idea what all it entailed and how much work it was, but I’m enjoying it!
This little painted chair project helped to kick off my blog. 

I’m a UT graduate (go Longhorns!) and about a year ago I started my own interior design business.  My blog is about my personal interior decorating projects mostly, but I throw in things I do for clients every once in a while.  I also write about trends and other design topics that are on my mind.  The bulk of my small business is e-design clients, but I also work face to face with clients. 
At the moment, in my own home I am working on my laundry room.  It is a huge, yet narrow space that is 19.5 x 6.5.  I usually start with a design board, but this time I started with a 3d model so I could visually see how things would look based on design choices.  My blog takes you through that thought process.  Here is where I landed.

I may still tweak it a little, but what you see is a stencil on the wall, chair rail at 42 inches and my diy symbol art on the wall.   It had to be functional, so of course mirrors, benches and coat hooks came into play.  The chandelier and rug were more so for beauty.  A girls gotta have some beauty, right? 
The before?   Here it is all torn apart from the previous design (I plan on working on image quality in the next few months, as these photos aren’t too great.)  But, you can see that I’m planning to keep the walls the same color for the most part.


What else have I been working on? Let’s talk about a client project.  I will talk to you about one that I’ve mentioned on my blog this past week. It’s a family room.  The client and I started with this story board set (it’s for the family room, adjacent window area and an eat-in kitchen space). 
Then, we ended up with this set.
More info can be found on my blog. 
So, I then threw the last set into a 3d view for her and showed her that view with both the yellow and gray chevron curtains.   I have found that it really helps to visualize the space.
And, here it is with the yellow curtains.
What do you prefer? 
Here is her space before.
I’m curious… For you, is a story board enough or does the 3d model help you to visualize the space?   What helps you the most as a client?
I hope you enjoyed learning a little about my projects and blog.  Thanks for reading!  I’d love to have you visit.  Tammy, thanks so much for having me! 

Kristy, thank you so much for being a guest.  I can't wait to see the finished project in your laundry room and your clients home!  You are so very talented!


Cassie Bustamante said...

kristy is so sweet and talented! and gorgeous, too!

Starr said...

That chair is really lovely. I can see how talented she is!

Hyphen Interiors said...

Thanks so much for having me!

Mary Ann Pickett said...

Kristy is so talented and fun!


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