Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Pre K Happy Dance!

It's more like a jig really.   I wish I could video myself doing it.

 My youngest started school this week.  I can't believe she is in Pre K, where does the time go?  I'm really excited, insert jig here, I hope to get some projects done and relax.  Another great thing will be being able to get my errands ran without children!  No more screaming fits and begging for stuff, and stopping to pee in every public bathroom.  Okay that last one may still happen.

Prepare for photo overload.

Here's Lauren Avery about a week after she was born.

Eating, which if you knew her then she always had this in her mouth, it's why I started giving her a paci.  She was eating all the time and I figured she couldn't be hungry that much, so the paci replaced a couple of her meals.  Trust me it didn't hurt her, she was in the 95% in weight until she was 18 months old.  Look at this pictures, she is a sausage.

Connor was almost walking by the time he was this age.  Like I said before, the sausage couldn't pull her body weight.  She could pose, however.  Wish I still had those sunglasses. 

She's about 10 months in this one, it was taken right before she started walking.  Both of my kids walked early.  Connor was 9 months and Lauren was 11 months.

Flexing some of the attitude that was to come.

She's about 18 months in this one.  Still no hair.

Two years oldish, being silly for the camera. 

Maybe she is 2 in this one, or just over.  Starting to get some hair.

Right before her 3rd birthday.  The zoo is her favorite place to go.

3, on the phone with Daddy!

3, and now we have the posing down.  Never met a camera she didn't LOVE!

4, with her Daddy!  Can you say Daddy's GIRL!?

Strutting her cowgirl duds.  If you are wondering, yes she picked it all out.  She is the Pinkest cowgirl ever!

First day of Pre K! 

There were no tears, I was a little sad, but she was ready.  She said goodbye to me as she was getting out of the car, and I had to explain that I had to walk her in.  She was that ready for me to go.  

Here's to two full days a week!  Cheers!

So next weeks I should have some posts with PAINT in them!


Designed by Chance said...

Aww what a milestone. Her first day of school. She looks a little nervous if I do say so myself. What a big girl. Congrats, both children are now in school. You made it!

Sommer said...

Cheers sister! We are FREE!

Starr said...

Oh, how sweet! I don't want time to go too quickly, but I do look forward to my kids going to school.

Essay Writing said...

Sweet!Wonderful photos that beautifully complements the tenderness of your post.


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