Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Labor of Love

This piece was definately a 'Labor of Love', as in I love my girl so much the labor was worth it!  I wouldn't have done this piece for anyone else, and I will be thinking long and hard before I strip this much paint again.  lol  Did I mention it was worth it?  I sound like a huge whiner.

Before.  Lauren is the only cute factor.

During.  Took me four days to strip it.  Yes I stripped it in the house.  I put a tarp down, the CitrusStrip really doesn't smell all that bad, but the girl did sleep with me until I was done.

My first Ahhhh moment, looks so much better with out the paint and stickers.

The color is all thanks to the wonderful folks at Robyn Story Design.  They sent me four samples on moulding.  I went with the one that was more Old White than Emperor's Silk.  I think the ratio ended up being 80/20.

Two coats of pink later.  Now for the gold detail and wax.

Hubby picked out the knob.  It originally had a Bakelite handle, Hubby broke it, taking it off.

A little close up of some of the gold detail.

Ta Da!  Isn't she pretty?  Watch out Lauren there's a new girl in town!  lol 

Okay, Lauren is still cuter.  Love you baby girl.  Enjoy your dress up armoire! xx

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Cassie Bustamante said...

i love the gold details and that awesome knob!!!!

Maury @ Life on Mars said...

So cute! i love the color and the knob is AWESOME! Great job. I hope she appreciates all that work!

Ashley @ First Home Dreams said...

That knob is WICKED!

The wardrobe kind of reminds me of those coloured retro fridges.

Four Marrs and One Venus said...

Tammy I Love it! Amazing what paint can do- it really is adorable! I can't agree more with what a perfect touch that knob adds!

Sam | Away She Went said...

It turned out beautiful! Your hubby picked that knob?! I'm impressed. I'd be scared to see what knob my boyfriend would pick!

Maria Elena said...

What a difference! It is beautiful!

Cre8ive Motives said...

Looks beautiful! Following you from the linky party :)


Meg said...

Newest linky follower here. Would love a follow in return. Would also love for you to link up to my little party:

Hope to see you there!

momto8 said...

the pink is every girls dream!! juts lovely!
I am your newest linky follower..pls follow back if you can.

Anonymous said...

Blog Hopping - I've followed you via Linky Followers. Would love if you would follow me back.

Thank you,
Jeneen @ Suzie HomeCaker

cathy@my1929charmer said...

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Unknown said...

I adore the knob on the armoire. I found you through the linky blog hop. Stop by and check me out.

Unknown said...

That is SO pretty! I love furniture that is redone/repurposed... it brings a sense of history to a home. I'm following you now via the blog hop!

If you would, please check out my blog too!

Thanks for posting this!

Unknown said...

Yes, only a mother could work that hard. I love it! I found you on the linky followers blog hop and am now following you. Please hop over and check out my blog

My Turn (for us)


Allison Downes said...

New Linky and GFC follower! hope you follow back!

Megan Gunyan said...

So lovely! What a fun, rosy pink!

Rose :: said...

PINK WINS!!! Yeah!! I'm a pink lover also.... :-)

I am actually coming to your site from the FOLLOWER linky blog hop, and am following you ! :-) Will you follow me back?? Thank you so much when you do.

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Have a happy, creative day!


Hi, I found you via linky blog hop and am glad that I did. I now follow you and would love for you to follow me at Hibiscus House. By the way, I love your project!

Jennifer said...

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Have a wonderful weekend!

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

This is so pretty and that knob is just stunning! What a lucky little girl! Thanks for sharing at my party!

Shiloh said...

It's gorgeous! What a special gift for your daughter!

Sherry said...

It turned out fabulous! I discovered you on blog hop and I'm now a linky follower would appreciate you doing the same.

Unknown said...

This turned out AWESOME!!!! Thanks so much for sharing at my party!!! Can't wait to see what you link up this week!!! Just in case you haven't entered, my giveaway for 1000 full color business cards ends tonight at midnight!!! XO, Aimee

Following you!!

Jill said...

Just gorgeous Tammy - and definitely worth all that hard work!

Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
Hope you have a fabulous week!
Jill @ Creating my way to Success

Trish - Mom On Timeout said...

Turned out so cute! Thanks so much for sharing at Taking A Timeout Thursday!

Adrianne Surian said...

I love the pink and the knob is super cute!!

Dropping by from the Linky Follower hop, following you now! Hope you have a minute to come by Happy Hour Projects to say hello!


Emily said...

I definitely agree that Lauren is still way cuter!

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Anonymous said...

That turned out so nicely! I'm your newest follower... found you at the blog hop on Talesfromatrophywife.

I'd love if you visit me, too!

Paulette said...

It looks like a lot of hard work was done by you, but the end result is so pretty. New follower from the Linky Blog Hop.

Lynn said...

What a great color. I can't imagine stripping that piece in the house! A labor of love, indeed! Beautiful and something to be so proud of. I'm visiting from the Blog Hop and am now following you via Linky Followers. I hope you'll pop over to Cottage and Creek and follow back.

Unknown said...

Hi Tammy, now following you on linky
The cabinet turned out beautiful, your daughter must love it,

c.w.frosting said...

Pink-a-licious! And love the new blog design. Visiting & following from the linky hop!

-caroline @ c.w.frosting said...

I love, love good before and afters! Super cute :) I'm your newest Linky Follower- I found your blog on It's So Very Cheri's Blog Hop. I'd love for you to stop by my blog and follow me back if you'd like.
Have a great day!
Laurie @ Gallamore West

MJ said...

I love what you did with this. It was definitely worth it. The gold detail and the door knob are awesome. Great work. She is one lucky little girl (and cute, too).

I'm following from the Linky Party. Come by and follow me too.

Angie @ Beneath the Magnolias said...

I need to strip the top of my kitchen table. I've never heard of citrus strip. Is it suppose to non-toxic? I haven't done my table because the weather is always too horrible to take it outside and work on it. But this may be the answer to my problem. Thank you! I'm visiting and following through the linky hop.

Kadydid Designs said...

*Very* cute!! New linky follower from the hop - feel free to come visit!

Pieced Pastimes said...

The armoire turned out great - even though it was a ton of work! Found you via the linky hop and have become your newest follower. Hope you have a chance to visit and perhaps follow me back.

Unknown said...

Hi Tammy, I love the repurposed armoire! I also love that you have posted all the places you party. I am now one of your linky followers, and hope you will have the time to follow me back at


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