Saturday, February 25, 2012

Where's My Ice Cream?

  Yep, it's one of those days.  Lucky for me I have some Ben & Jerry's in the freezer.  I shared some with the boy, but I think there is enough left to get me through today.
I really wanted to report that I finished the tray table, but I haven't.  I finally got the print out to transfer, and my new heat transfer tool didn't work.  It would have been wise to try it on a piece of scrap wood, but no I tried it out on the tray.  Two more coats of paint later and some sanding to get rid of the's back to normal, just not finished.  I'm thinking of just stenciling it and passing on the graphic idea all together.  Yes, I'm a quitter.  No, I'm not proud.  It is what it is.
Here's what my kitchen looks like right now.  I decided since the tray wasn't working out for me I would work on my 'new' dining rooms chairs.  Let me tell you, it's just not my day.

This stupid staple gun isn't cutting it, for whatever reason the staples aren't sinking into under side of the seats.  The kids have already told me they don't want to go to Home Depot today, so I have to wait till Tuesday when the are both in school to return it and try again.  What staple gun do you use?  Please don't say pneumatic, it's not in the budget.  lol

The rest of the mess, it's all over the kitchen.  It doesn't help that my new office is at the kitchen counter, I get to see it like this until Tuesday.  Sigh.

Enough of the whining.  Here's a pic of my big baby, Stanley.  He's growing so fast, I just love him, especially when he isn't using my arm as a chew toy.  He's lost all his baby teeth but it still hurts. 

My real baby boy is star of the week this week at school, which means homework for mom.  I'm just glad the teacher gave me a week to do it.  I had to get photos printed out and it took a week to get them, of course I could have gotten them sooner.  I just didn't feel like going to Walmart to pick them up.  I had them mailed to me.   Love the way I colored it?  The boy hates to color, so I was alone.

Notice the pink sheet of paper?  I have to write him a letter for his folder at school.  You know, the one where you tell them why he's special and he get all embarressed in front of his class...yep that one.  Notice I haven't started on it, but it's not due until Monday, so I have till the last minute Sunday to write a tear  It's good to be Mom!

Last but not least, my sample of Coco came in the mail.  Thanks Robyn Story Designs!!!  You guys are amazing.  However, the sample board is actually making my decision harder.  I love all the samples they mixed, and it doesn't help that they did both with clear and dark wax.  I see dark wax in my future.  I wish I could have a can of every ASCP color, but I need to narrow it down. 

Could I have been more random?  Probabaly, I just wanted to share what was going on around here, and not getting done.  Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!


Four Marrs and One Venus said...

Tammy Tammy! I love your Random Crazy post! Bummer that all your projects are on a standstill. hummm. As far as staple gun goes. Im gonna say I have a Craftsman Gun, like it's the Hubs- but I get me hand on it. Yes it takes some body/knee/head power behind it- but it works! lol Your dog is the CUTEST! I am glad you still have 2 arms. lol Love your HW for the weekend, you did good! A+ my dear! Dig into that ice cream, you soooo deserve it! -Jen

Shannon Fox said...

Yes, you could have been more random... that was quiet good actually =) Miss ya... not sure where the time has gone? Take a deep breath! It'll all be okay. The coco is gorgeous. I have never tried the ASCP. I cheat and use homemade. I am a cheapy ;) Hugs! Shan

Maury @ Life on Mars said...

Love the random post! I feel like I got a real glimpse into your life. I keep getting nervous about trying ASCP... it's so expensive that I'd hate to ruin a piece of furniture AND a lot of expensive paint. I'm being a coward.

Unknown said...

This is a great post. Sometimes we all have weeks like this. I'm in St. John n=and i didn't even bring my camera, i feel like a blog failure. Oh well at least I have a hot tub. I use a normal staple gun and it usually works well for me, but get the larger size. Hope that helps.


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