Friday, March 2, 2012

Fun Finds!!!

You know me and 'finding' stuff, it's like an addiction. 

Well I found this fun vintage type writer for my son's room.  He was all, "can I play with it", and I was "um no".  Geesh kid it's just for looks.  My poor kids.  Right now it's living in the garage.  It's were all the 'new' house stuff goes to wait....and wait...

I couldn't resit this little beauty, I'm loving silver trophies.  I'm thinking of adding some thing green to it, but right now it sits as is. 

Check out this adorable lamp.  Hobnail milk glass.  Lauren loves it.  I just adore vintage.

This wasn't a find so much as a given.  My bestie's Aunt gave them to me.  Eight of the pretties gold rimmed plates ever!  Thanks Aunt Kelly!

So there yo have it, I haven't been doing any projects, just some therapy shopping.  Cheaper than a therapist too!


Anne said...

Love that typewriter, Tammy! (Check out my Dad's from college, on my new was in the fire (our last home), but my daughter and her boyfriend restored it for me ~ I also have a Revere bowl silver award that was given to my grandparents at Masons/Eastern Star, that I didn't even know existed until my Dad passed away (it was in his basement) ~ love it ~ ♥

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

love your vintage finds, and auntie can give me any extra plates she finds...please.

Kitty Deschanel said...

Great finds, indeed! I have always longed for an old typewriter like that. Though I suppose in the year 2012, any typewriter is old.

I loved your comment on my blog yesterday, BTW. I told Sexy Nerd about it and got a laugh :)

Unknown said...

Great stuff. Love those plates. I once found an old type writer on the street in NYC, but i was too lazy to carry it home. Too bad it was really cool.

Maury @ Life on Mars said...

Nice scores! I love the vintage typewriter! I mean on his behalf, you can see where it might be confusing... things in kids rooms are generally meant to be played with :-) LOL!


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