Thursday, March 22, 2012

My NEW Coffee Table

Just after Hubby went back to Afghanistan, I decided the old coffee table wasn't cutting it.  Plus it didn't help that Beefcake spilled coffee on it twice, and it stained the fabric.  Okay now you are confused, technically it's a coffee table ottoman. 

Please excuse the dog proofed couch in the back ground.  lol  I have to cover the cushions with sheets so Stanley doesn't scratch the leather.  I would have the cushions slip covered, but we may have to sell the couch when we get the next house.  I have no idea how my furniture is going to fit.  Long story short, I'm using sheets for the time being.

So I want to paint, I haven't really decided on a color yet, but I did buy a couple birds for the metal cloches, and shopped the house for the rest. 

Cute trophy bowl and some design books.

Empty cloche, still trying to figure out what to put in this one.  Maybe a little plant? 

Any suggestions on the color to paint, or what to put in the cloche?

Have a great day!


Maury @ Life on Mars said...

I always like a group of candles in different heights. Woudl that fit? What about a little nest with eggs?

I love the coffee table. I think any color would look great, but what about a distressed grey?

Shannon Fox said...

Wait to paint till ya get to the new place! You might have a whole new design in mind by then, or change your mind. So; "Hold your fire". hehe

Four Marrs and One Venus said...

Yes- Love the Plant idea-- I love me some green in the house!! I agree with Fox- hold fire! Decide on a color at the new place! Looking good over there lil lady!

Brooke @ Inside-Out Design said...

I love the new coffee table!! The bird cloches are so cute too! Maybe a plant in one? Or a ball of moss?

malia said...

Lovely! I'm your newest Linky follower-- so happy to meet you! Malia

Unknown said...

There are so many options for the paint color. Red, grey, blue. I can't ell you what would be good but I can say that whatever you pick it will be great. maybe you should do a stencil on it like the table you made. Have fun.


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