Friday, April 5, 2013

New Applieances and Norwex Cleaning Products

I  recently took advantage of the sale going on at Home Depot.  My kitchen was in dire need of new appliances.  The set I have was dying on me.  The dishwasher had become a glorified drying rack, the microwave only cooked what it wanted, and the fridge and stove had been repaired so many times, I had Black Hills Energy on speed dial. 

The hubby gave his seal of approval, and off I went to spend a small fortune.  Let me tell you, I was pretty sick about buying appliances, especially when there is so much more I need to spend on this place. 

I bought the new GE slate set, omg, I love the way they look!  The way they work is pretty amazing too!  I love that my dishwasher works.  It's really just the little things in life.  lol  I went convection with the oven too!  I'm a big girl now! 


A very sweet facebook buddy, Dawn Yeager, sent me some wonderful cleaning supplies by Norwex. 
 Which I have to say are perfect.  They won't scratch my new appliances and the cleaning paste she sent really gets the crud off my flat top!  Woo hoo.  You know what it's like when stuff boils over and you get that nasty mess on your stove top.  Well, I used the Cleaning Paste and a SpirSponge, plus a little elbow grease....and good buy burnt on mess! 

I'm totally sold on these cleaning products, if you want to check them out you can go to Dawn's link here

P.S. I wasn't paid to do a review for Norwex, this is just my personal opinion.  xx





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