Friday, April 1, 2011

Blogging Tips

Okay so I was looking around blog land today and found some great pointers from Jill at Be Our Best, she had 10 items, but these two really stood out to me.  I love the clickable signature, that is just a fabulous idea, but number 1 is my favorite.  I absolutely love to reply to all comments, but it's hard some times when you have a 'no-reply' address. 

1.  Don't be a no-reply comment blogger
Early on when I started blogging, another blogger kindly pointed out that I was a 'no-reply comment blogger'. This meant that when I left a comment on someone's blog, my email address wasn't available to them (not on their blog, but on their email) so they couldn't reply to my comment. All I had to do to rectify this was go into your dashboard, click on edit profile, then check the box that says 'show my email address' then save!

2.  Add a clickable signature to your comments
When you leave a comment on someone else's blog, you can also add a clickable link back to your blog so people can easily find you!  To do this, just insert your details into this html code and copy and paste to the bottom of your comment: Replace your blog url in the pink part, and where it says your text here - type your blog title or what you want the text to say that people can click on!
You will also need to replace the { and }    with     < and >

{a href= }YOUR TEXT HERE {/a}

I wold love you to share any other great blogging tips!  xx


Melanie Bacom said...

Let's see if this works. Ramblings of a Creative Mind

My blog suggestion is getting rid of word verification. I think that the word verification just slows down comments. You can change this in your comment settings.

Donnie said...

Those are great tips someone shared a while ago and I have always been appreciative. Great post.

Sommer said...

I love the clickable signature. I'm going to try that =)

I use the word verification because when I didn't I was getting a lot of spam comments coming through. Though now that I have turned on moderation for comments I should probably get rid of the verification as it really serves no purpose since I have to check each comment first anyhow. Thanks Donnie!

Jenn @ Peas and Crayons said...

check and check! =) you and I are such pros! <3 love you tammy!!!! I just got something in the maiiiiilll!!!! haha I wonder what it is?

Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

Lauren @ 31diy said...

Great tips! I didn't know about the second one.

Emily said...

Thanks for the great tips! I am still new to blogging and have realized there is a lot more to blogging than I would have ever imagined! thanks again for the great tips!

Unknown said...

These are great tips! I love the link..I am using it for the first time right here..thanks! I wrote a few tips about gaining followers here:)
THanks again@

10 tips to Increase Followers

♥ Miss Tea said...

Great tips, Tammy! i do love the clickable signature, i'm going to try that! i did wonder that time too when I visited possibly all the links that participated in memes or events and none are responding or replying, now I know! DUH! thank you for sharing!!!x have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

I shared a few tips here

Lori said...

This was Great, Thanks!!! I am your newest follower, would love for you to follow me back.
Blessings, Lori

Lori said...

Let's try this
Lori’s Storys

Jill said...

Thanks for the link back Tammy!
It's so nice to see the word being spread about these little tips - it took me so long to learn them, and I think it's important to pass the information on to as many people as possible so we can all help and learn from each other!


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