Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fitness Friday #7

My back and hip are SO much better.  I'm still being careful, but at the same time I'm still working out.  My doctor told me to workout at 70%, I took this to mean 70% of MY custom workout that I create, not 70% of my videos.  My videos are much easier than what I create.  I'm a little worried since I haven't done one of my own workouts in almost 2 weeks.  Oh well, if I have to work back up to it, I don't have much choice.  I really can't afford to mess up my back and hip again, really, the chiropractor is $$$.  lol

This week I've been doing some of my Firm favorites, I used to be addicted to The Firm, still am really.  My own workouts are kind of based on their method.  Four limbed aerobics with weights.  You really sweat doing these, even the EASY ones will make you sweat.  I like the ones where I DRIP!  Those are the best!

My favorites this week are.... Power Burn 45, it's fun and you sweat.  I did two back to back the other day, cause they are pretty short, but that is nice on a day you don't have a lot of time.

Total Body Shaping Mix, it's fun too.  A little old school Firm.  It's a mix of routines from past Firm Videos.

I'm not sure what Firm I'll do today, I own like 10.  I do know which ever one I do, I'll sweat and it'll be easy to follow.  The Firm instructors are great at cuing their workouts.

Happy Exercising!!  xx


scrapwordsmom said...

I own a bunch of Firm VHS tapes...I used to belong to their club. They are so good. What is bad though is we no longer have a VHS player:( Wish I could find them all on DVD.

I worked out to my Latin Dance DVD today. Fun!!

♥ Miss Tea said...

gosh! i only have two workout dvds not in VHS though but one of them is belly dancing hehehe not sure it can be called workout dvd, YOU must have a helluva great body to be able to work out with those Videos!

Fitness Freak said...

Tapes and DVD's are useful only if we are committed to our fitness program.

Kimberlee, The Spunky Diva said...

I need to start doing a fitness friday post. I have been neglecting it since I haven't been very consistent in working out.
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