Thursday, June 16, 2011

Just 'Hey!'

I know I haven't been a regular lately, just trying to get the kids back into the swing of our routine.  We had so much fun with Daddy/Beefcake this trip, and it when by in a blink, but now we have to get back to normal.  Well, our normal!  Kind of looks like

I'm still waiting on my Disney Photo Pass disc to come in the mail, I really want to share some of the great pics we had taken by the Disney photographers.  It was worth the money for sure.  Photo Pass is pretty cool, all the parks have their own photographers, you give them a little plastic card to scan and they take your picture.  When the trip is over you can see all of your photos online and order a disc.  Here's a tip.  Order your disc before you go on vacation, it saved me $50. 

I only got 108 photos, I would have liked to have gotten more, but the little girl we took with us didn't want to play  Not gonna name names, but it rhymes with Lauren!  Doh!

Here are some cute pics of the kids with Daddy and few that I took at Disney, they will have to do until my disc comes in.  Sigh.

Thanks for stopping by!  xx

Check back soon, I'm planning a great GIVE AWAY!!! 


The Vintage Farmhouse said...

Great pictures, I laughed out loud at the nail painting!

Mommy Minded said...

LOL! Love the pictures!


Designed by Chance said...

How cool that they have their own photographers! I'm fining this all away for some unknown trip I will take in the future.


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