Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Versatile Blogger Award!

Connie from The Crafterbug has been most generous, nominating me for The Versatile blogger award!  Love it, thank you so much Connie, you are too sweet!

Okay, so this next bit, I've stolen from Connie post!  lol 

A Versatile Blogger is one who.........

1) Provides variety in his or her posts  
2) Entertains, informs, inspires and intrigues readers  
3) Continues to grow as a blogger

So the rules are simple in receiving this award.
Rule 1) Thank the Blogger who awarded you this great honor 
and make sure others can get to his or her site!
Rule 2) List 7 to 10 secrets about yourself
Rule 3) Award this to 10 - 15 worthy bloggers

Alrighty then, some secrets about me...gonna try to tell you all new stuff!
1) When I was little I would ask my Papa "where are we going?" and he would reply "over a hill in a row boat", I use this on my kids now.

2) I don't like to fly, I used to.  When we flew to Disney a cried a little.  John and Connor sat on the other side of the isle away from me and Lauren, so no one saw me, but beefcake will read this later so now he knows.....Yep, I DON'T like to fly.  The flight home was fine. 

3) One of my new favorite shows is the Cake Boss, and I really don't like 'reality t.v.'  I must be going soft in the head. 

4) Some days I think I'm bat shit insane.  (excuse my language)  Other days I think everyone else is!

5) My kids growing up and being on their own scares me, but I can't wait till they are adults with families of their own, and I have grand babies to spoil.

6) I used to be a dog person, now I have kids.  I traded one for the other.  Some days I feel like I have dogs that can talk.  See number 4!

7) I talk to myself, and some times I answer, and I have been know to do it in public.  Again see number 4.

Now on to the best part!  My nominees are!!!  I wish I could add a drum roll, but you get the idea.
1) A Law Student's Journey
2) At the Maple Table
3) Dreaming in Color
4) Girl Talk
5) High Street Cottage
6) Jane's Junk and Treasure
7) My Salvaged Treasures
8) Sassy Sanctuary
9) Stillwater Story
10) Thistle Cove Farm

Thanks again to Connie!  You rock chick!


Jen @ Domesticated Nomad said...

I love your secrets, but I can so relate to 6 and 7! I'm right there with you, so probably number 4 as well. :)

Tara said...

Ahhh!!! Thanks so much for the award! I'm flattered! You rock!

Krystal said...

Sorry.... that last comment was from me, :) I was signed into my sister's account. oops!


aimee said...

Aww you are so sweet to give me this award. Thank you and Congrats to you Tammy! I enjoyed reading your secrets!

Designed by Chance said...

Oh that made me laugh. I might totally talk to myself all the time and sometimes I might even catch people giving me weird looks in Pier One. Congrats girl!


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