Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New House Pictures!

Okay, so you should know this about me, I have a one track mind!  Literally, when I get something on my mind I can't get it off.  I've taken four of my friends by to see the spec house I'm in love with in the last week.  I myself have gone by and seen it twice alone!  Yesterday I brought the camera, and let me apologize now for the picture overload and for the fact that my skills have not improved in taking them!

I'm also researching everything like a crazy woman.  Researching what?  The prices of everything that could be a possible upgrade.  Trying to figure out what to upgrade.  What we should pay them to upgrade, and what we should upgrade ourselves down the road.  I'm making a list for the design center, and I have my numbers crunched so we shall see.

I do want to remind you that this is a spec house, and the interior and exterior will look different on our home.  Well, not that different, but the colors and upgrades will be different, but this is a good idea of what the house looks like.  The bones of it.

Exterior:  This is the elevation we will get, it's included in the base price. 

Not sure what my front door options will be, or what colors they have available, but I'm loving the little window!

See the 'boob' light?  We won't be getting that, but we will get a prewire here so we can hang our own.  We won't be doing wood either.  The columns you see to the right in the formal living and dining area are standard, so is the white railing.  I'm not upgrading these either.  I'm actually looking forward to white, and least I can touch up paint it!  I do love the entry and stairs.

This is the entry way, taken from the formal living room.  Check out all that wall space!

I took this from the end of the dining room looking back toward the front door.  This is the formal dining and living area, so happy to finally have two living and dining areas!  I  feel like a big kid!  The wall detail around the bottom of the dining room is standard!  SCORE!

 This is my kitchen, or will be, minus a few things and with a few different upgrades.  That light in the back will be bronze and the sink will be Corian.  I'm getting Corian counters and a tile back splash, but not hard wood floors.  I figure I can upgrade the floors down the road.  I'm getting the appliances seen hear, so excited to have  double ovens!!!

 Another angle, you can see the family room from this direction, it's HUGE!

 We will buy our own fridge, and the door is the WALK IN pantry!  Makes me very happy to have all this extra space!

Check out the cabinets in the island!  Storage galore!

 Picture all the cabinets with hardware too, so worth the upgrade.

The eat in kitchen area is pretty good sized, and the bay is awesome.

Love the slider in the family room, lots of light.  I'm getting the fireplace, but I'm gonna upgrade the tile around it.

Half bath.  It's about the same size as the one I have now, but I'm so glad to have a cabinet instead of pedestal sink.

Laundry ROOM!  The garage entry is here too, I'm getting the cabinets in this room, but not the sink, I'll just use the sink in the half bath.  The upgrade was more than I want to spend.  The cabinets are awesome, and I love the window!  Natural light makes me happy!

Okay, so this is basically the down stairs, here is the floor plan so you can kind of see the lay out.  Just double click on it to see it larger.  ;)

In a couple days I'll post pics of the upstairs!!



Designed by Chance said...

Once again I have to say WOW! I now see the good side of a new house, all the stuff you want is there, laundry room, pantry, dining room, living room and family room. I just love it all. I'm so happy for you.

Jane @ Jane's Junk and Treasures said...

Is Castle Oaks in Highlands Ranch?

It looks great!!!

Anonymous said...

I love your house! And that bay window in the eating area is to die for. I want it. Looking forward to more photos! :)

Junky Vagabond said...

wow! I love the house and am catching up on what you're doing with work much more quickly than I do :) I just finished painting 2 out of 4 bedrooms...lots left to do!


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