Friday, July 15, 2011

Chalk Paint

I swear I feel like the last person on the planet to try this paint, but I'm finally gonna break down and buy some.  I just need some help picking the colors, and that's where you come in! 

As you know we are gonna have a new house built in the Winter/Spring, and some of the furniture I have now will NEED to be repainted.  My color direction isn't changing a ton, but it is changing. 

The following pieces are going to be changed, and I figured use chalk paint! 

The TV stand is going to go in the hall area in the next house, and the yellow piece is going to be the new TV stand.  However, I'm done with the yellow.  REALLY.

This piece is finally going to be finished, and will go in the eat in kitchen area with my current dining table.
I want it to match the table bottom, so both pieces are going to be done to match. 

This little dresser will not be going in Connor's next room.  Hubby and I decided the kids are going to get new bedroom sets with full beds, dressers and a night stand that all match.  This piece is going to be in the loft area.

This last piece is going in the kids TV room upstairs, and will be used as storage for their gaming systems and as a TV stand.  Connor's TV in his room will be moved into their TV room.  I've decided that TVs in kids rooms are a bad idea. 

Here are the paint choices.  One awesome thing about the paint, is the ability to mix them to create new colors.  I was going to buy Old White and both waxes, clear and dark.  The other colors I'm considering are Emperor's Silk, Chateau Grey and Provence.  What do you think of these colors together?

My other choices are Primer Red, Olive and Ambusson.  They can all be mixed with the Old White to be toned down.  I really like the red/green/blue combo.  I think they will all go well with the creams, browns, and blacks in my home. 

So let me know, and it would be fabulous if you gave me three color choices, other than Old White.  This might help too, all the walls down stairs will be beige or green.



Delaney said...

Diggin the Provence, Duck Egg Blue & Olive colors!

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

Matching bedroom furniture and beige walls??? what's this world coming too??? Just kidding. I've used graphite in the Annie Sloan chalk paint and liked it real well. The other gray color is very pretty too when I saw it on another blog, I think it was a french gray.

Roeshel said...

Well as you can tell by my most recent post, I think reds, blues and greys (especially the tones of those chosen which you can lighten/darken) will be beautiful! Now I'M the last person on earth who hasn't tried the chalk paint! lol So,I look forward to reading about your experience!

Have a lovely weekend, Tammy! ;)


Unknown said...

aubusson blue, duck egg blue & paris grey are my picks.

Designed by Chance said...

You're not the last...I am. I have dreams of trying it one of these days. Maybe after I get a job.


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