Saturday, July 16, 2011

Stairway Ideas, New House Series

Man oh man!  I'm so excited about the new house, I want it now!  It's really driving me cookoo bananas.  lol  I took a very good friend of mine by to see it today.  Yep, I've been buy at least twice a week since June 13th!  I know, I'm nuts. 

I thought I would share some of my ideas with you for how I'm going to decorate it, I've actually already bought some new stuff for it.  I know it's crazy to shop for a house I won't move into until next June, but c'mon I told you I was CRAZY!  lol

I have a zillion ideas running over and over in my head, but this one I want to show you is may favorite!
Of course this is the only photo I could find, damn Google!  I want to wall of mirrors the entire length of the stairway.  One difference, I want the majority of my mirrors to have frames.  I want a few frameless, but I prefer frames, just me.

See stairway below, of course as I was walking around the house today it dawned on me, I'm gonna need a ton of mirrors!  (so I'm taking donations!  lol)

More Ideas to come, One room/area at a time!  lol


Delaney said...

Check out these cool ideas:

Designed by Chance said...

I love the mirror idea! It will really lighten up that hallway.


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