Saturday, July 23, 2011

New Color Palette

Are you sick of my 'new' house ideas yet?  Well here's more!  I fear until we actually move in, I'm going to be in 'new' house overdrive! 

I do have a little news about the 'new' house.  Really, big news actually.  We are putting it on hold.  Yep, on hold.  I wanted to go under contract with the builder in Nov/Dec this year, but it's going to be more like Apr/May next year.  It just makes a lot of sense for us, gives a full year to save.  Plus we are hoping that new home prices go down a tad too. 

I'm still going to be doing posts regularly about the new place, cause I'm obsessed with it, and it's so much fun!  (I'm a little crazy too, let's not forget.)

I want to share with you the NEW color palette I'm going for on the main floor.  I mentioned before, I'm tired of a few of the colors in my place.  Mainly the mustard yellow, so over the yellow, and the shade of green I've been using.  I don't think I could ever tire of green, but the shade I've been using isn't making me all that happy.

New colors, in no particular order.  Keep in mind to that I may use these colors in a lighter or darker shade, this is really just an idea of what I'm liking now.
Wall Color/Upholstered Furniture

 Accent Color


Accent Color

Wall Color/Furniture/Accent Color

Wall Color/Furniture/Accent Color

So, not a lot of yellow and red.  I'll never say never, but if I use them it'll be very sparingly.
These colors are subject to change as well...I mean you never know.  I'm really loving the blue and green, so we'll see! 



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