Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Chuck E Cheese Birthday!!!

If you are reading this, then you know I SURVIVED Chuck E Cheese, but only barely!  Really, it was touch and go.  I want to know one thing, where's my ribbon?  We should organize a walk for survivors.  I'll make up t-shirts and take donations!

I will say this, I would rather have a party and Chuck E Cheese than one at my house.  Maybe the next house will be big enough, but I'm not sure if that will make a difference.  I'm all for having some one else clean up the mess and get everything ready.  Really all I had to do was show up with the presents and cake. 

I also drove a few kiddos.  I didn't want any of Connor's friends to have to ditch, so I drove some to make sure he had all his friends there.  So worth it, but so is my boy.  Connor is the sweetest son a proud mommy could ask for.  I LOVE you buddy, to the Moon!

Even the girl had fun!  (and was good, mostly.)

I think all the kids had a great time, and he got a ton of wonderful gifts, so it was a great day.  He was still thanking me 24 hours later, so I think it was worth it.  Of course we aren't going back anytime soon, I think I have PTSD, I had a migraine that first night after...I'm on the mend.  lol

Thanks to my bestie Summer for coming and keeping me sane!  Love you girl!


Vivian said...

Chuck e cheese always makes for the BEST birthdays!!Exhausting for us parents but I'm sure it will be a birthday to remember!


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