Thursday, September 1, 2011


I've been having a few blogger issues, and that's why my Highlight post hasn't been published yet.  I know I'm a day late....blogger won't let me look at last weeks party....I promise to have the post up before the next one is due.  Maybe even today if blogger would play nice. 

Instead I'll show you this cute little library stairs I picked up the other day for the cheap!  Love the cheap!  It needs some work, first thing is stripping the paint, but it's super sturdy.  I may paint it too, but first thing is to find out what it looks like under all this paint.



Katie @ Wildwood Creek said...

Those stairs are adorable and something you don't see very often! I'm having a blogger issue, too. The links to some of my posts have disappeared. I've googled and haven't come up with a solution. What do you do when you have a blogger issue? Thanks.

Jenny said...

Blogger messed up my fonts and formatting today! And those stairs are so sweet!


Unknown said...

I LOVE those stairs!

Donnie said...

That is a pretty piece. I bet it will clean up nicely.

Unknown said...

What great leittle steps you got there. They will look great with some new paint, or just wood, but got to get rid of the silver, it is so 90's. Nice be back online again!


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