Friday, September 9, 2011

Highlights from Party #32

Keeping with last week, I've moved this post to Fridays, for now.  I'm a little busy hording furniture in my garage, really I have an illness.  I just can't seem to stop getting a great deal.  Hubby if you are reading this, everything I've acquired is for the next house and I practically stole it all.  Just another reason why I need a three car garage and a bigger house....

On a side note, the family has decided to expand, yep....a puppy.  I'll do a whole post on it tomorrow, me and the kids are gonna go put a deposit down and pick out our little guy!

Enough about me here are the highlights from last week!

Grab a 'you've been featured' button if you like, and thanks to all that party with me!!!! 

xx Tammy


jenny said...

A million thanks for featuring my wreath! Love your blog and thank you for hosting the party!


Lesley said...

That wreath is gorgeous!

Jacky @ small garden love said...

Thanks so much for featuring me!!

Sam | Away She Went said...

Puppy! How exciting! We got a puppy last Monday and I’m exhausted, but I love that lil guy!


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