Monday, January 17, 2011

Mantle Mania!!!

My mantle is driving me crazy, okay to be honest a lot is driving me crazy. 
If you would be so kind, look of the pictures and tell me what you think, and what changes I should make.
I would be grateful.

First up the Mantle.  I love the direction it's headed, it's just not there yet.  Any ideas?  I would love a larger mirror to layer behind the smaller one.  That's all I can come up with.  I did add a new mercury glass piece, and I love it, but that's all I've done.  Should I change the banner to a burlap pennant with the word Family on it? 

Next up, the trunk between my living room chairs.  What do you think about this area?  Even the wall behind, don't hold back.  Trust me my feelings won't be hurt, remember, I'm asking you for help.  The books with the bird I like, and burlap runner is good.  Should I cut it down so you can see more of the trunk?  I'm not unhappy with the lamp or picture frame I made, but the flowers and candle have to go! 

This area needs a face lift too, I'm gonna hang my transferware here when I've collected it all.  What about the rest of it?  Should I get a bigger lamp?  I like the birds, and the willow piece was a gift from my kids.  It has to be out somewhere.  I'm not loving my silver box or the clock, or the candle for that matter.  Sigh.

I've bought some great pics that I'm gonna hang over the tin door, but they haven't arrived yet.  I like the wreath here, but this isn't it's forever home.  I just moved it here so I could display some Valentines stuff.  I really like the topiary trees and the glass cloche, everything else, not so much.  

 Whew, finally, the kitchen area.  I really like the direction this is going, but it's the area over the fridge that has me stuck.
See what I mean?  I'm thinking canisters over the cabinets and wooded dough bowl.  What about on top of the fridge?  The chicken stays, love it.   The rest, I'm not feeling it.   The red finial piece is going to be moved upstairs, but it has to be painted first.  Story of my life, PAINT!!!

Thanks for stopping by and any feedback!!!

Tammy  =)

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Anonymous said...

Hi my Colorado friend!

Hmmm... you have a lot of projects going. I would say you could move some of your accessories to different areas to get a new look. As for the mantel, I would blend the mirror with the mercury. Paint it white or silver and layer it with a frame or something. A burlap banner would add depth. I think a smaller runner on the trunk would work too. I think you have great things to work with. Good luck! :)

Anonymous said...

You have so many striking and unique accessories. I love them all. My only recommendation for the top of the frig would be to allow that amazing rooster to stand alone. I would put that guy in the middle, remove the lantern and red accessory and just leave the rooster up there by himself making a big statement. You're so talented, I know that whatever you decide to do will work beautifully.

Donnie said...

Everything looks so nice. Take care.

Kim @ A Brush of Whimsy said...

I like the white branches in the first pics! Good luck with the mantle!

Sommer said...

I think what you might be feeling is too many nik nacs. Maybe simplify a little with more natural objects like the branches, some books, nests and eggs. You know me... the simpler the pallet the better. I'm not huge on color so it overwhelms me lol.


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