Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday's Measurements ~ Week 1 Done!!!

Live the Life Give Away has been extended till this Sunday.

Okay, so week one went by pretty smoothly.  I didn't cheat on my diet once and I exercised six days in a row, with Sunday off to rest my muscles.  I learned a couple things too, I'm going to have to tweak the diet.  I love the food, but I need a little more variety.  No biggy, the plan shows you how, and I'm gonna follow the plan.  Another nice thing, I actually saved money on groceries.  I couldn't believe it either, but since I'm following a strict plan, I only buy what I need for the seven days.  No extra junk, just what ever the kids eat.

Okay so here are a couple new pics, it's only been a week so the difference isn't drastic, but give me a couple weeks and I'll knock your socks off!
My new weight 172, 3lb loss in first week.  Pretty good for the first week.  Remember it the beginning you are also building muscle, but that's a good thing.  The larger your muscle cells the more calories you burn, and smaller your fat muscles will end up.

So here is the front view.

Side View.

Rear View.  Maybe next time I won't wear horizontal stripes? 

We'll start at the top and move down.

Shoulders 41.5 inches ~ 41 = .5
Chest 37.5 inches ~ 37 = .5
RT/LT Biceps 12/11.5 inches ~ 11.25/11.25 = 1
Waist 32.5 inches ~ 32 = .5
Hips 41.5 inches ~ 40.5 = 1
RT/LT Thighs 24.5/24.25 inches ~ 24.5/24 = .25
RT/LT Calves 14.5/14.25 inches ~ 14.25/14 = .5

My inches lost for the first week are 5.25.  I always loose in the hips and waist last, so not really surprised.  My middle area likes to hang on to stuff.  Oh well, off to work out!!!  Here's to the same great results next week!!


Jenn @ Peas and Crayons said...

Go Tammy!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

Five Seconds From Crazy said...


Donnie said...

That's great Tammy. Hang in there.

HomespunTales said...

Congrats on the weight loss!
I am following you from a Tuesday Blog.. Please come by and follow my new blog too.


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