Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday's Measurements

Okay, like I promised, the 411 on big 'ol me!  I have to say, I was really surprised when I stepped on the scale.  I didn't know it had gotten that bad.  The real scary part is three weeks ago it was worse.  I've been watching what I eat and exercising this entire year so far.

Live the Life is what I need to be serious, to be more accountable.  It's only 1 hour into day one, and so far so good!!!  I'm half way through my first of six mini meals, and I'm feeling positive.  My eating plan is the same everyday but the exercise portion changes from day to day with Sundays off to rest.

Front View.

 Side View.

Rear View.

On to the gory details, my measurements.  Sigh.

We'll start at the top and move down.

Shoulders 41.5 inches
Chest 37.5 inches
RT/LT Biceps 12/11.5 inches
Waist 32.5 inches
Hips 41.5 inches
RT/LT Thighs 24.5/24.25 inches
RT/LT Calves 14.5/14.25 inches

Yikes!  Thankfully I'm 5'11" tall. 

Now to my weight, this totally goes against my better judgement to share this...I can't even believe I stepped on the scale.  I weigh, insert smirk, 175 lbs!  SIGH!

Okay, so there ya go.  I'm off to drop the boy at school and come back and do my work out.  Let me know if you would like more info on what I'm eating and how I'm exercising, I would love to share with those interested, or if you have any questions about Live the Life.

Just wanted to add, you will need to buy a few supplements, but nothing crazy.  Protein Powder, multi vitamin, L-Glutamine and a Triple Omega.  They also sell these items, or you can pick them up at any vitamin store, and some grocery stores.

 Thanks for stopping by.  =)


The one and only Lady said...

First of look great! With your height you can carry that weight just fine! Secondly, congratulations on your success so far! It is hard to get started and to stick with it!!


Donnie said...

I want to have your "before" body. You can keep the after one. Good luck on your venture but don't forget to be kind to yourself along the way.

Anonymous said...

Girl... you look great! You're too hard on yourself. I wish I was as tall as you. I understand about wanting to feel better though. Wishing you success in your weight loss. I'll have to check out your tips.

Have a nice night!

Angie said...

Good for you!!! I think you look great right now but I know how we have to be happy with what we see. Keep up the good work! Oh btw, I didn't know you were that tall!?

Sommer said...

Puhleez! You are start 10lbs more than me and I'm 5'2! Come shove that fat into my body and see how you feel. Shall I post the picture of you at 135lbs? lol

timelessNchic said...

Girl - WHATEVER! You are perfect...I cannot believe you think you are fat in any are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!
Love you !!!!!!!!!!


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