Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Quads Update

Do you guys even remember The Quads?  Well this is a little reminder and update all in one.  The Quads are my dining room chairs, that are living in my garage until the weather is nice enough for me to refinish them, and I find the perfect pneumatic 1/2 crown upholstery staple gun.  Say that three times real fast!  lol

I have not found the staple gun, but I'm searching for fabric.  I'm gonna need it eventually any way.  I went to my favorite upholstery foam site on the web and ordered some FREE samples.  They will send you four at a time.  Check 'em out, Diy Upholstery Supply they sell everything to do with DIY upholstery.  The prices are really good too.

So here are the four samples I ordered, what do you think?  I really have no idea what to do with these chairs.  I'm painting them to match the base of my table.  I do know that I don't want any green on them, I have plenty of green going on downstairs as it is. 

Sample #1 Duramax Flax

Sample #2 Duramax Chocolate

Sample #3 Chocolate Velvet

Sample #4 Jamestown Antique Black Cotton

I'm starting to think the dark ones are too dark, my couch is really dark and they are basically in the same room, since my downstairs is an open floor plan.  The Jamestown has to much going on, I'm really thinking solid.  They have a lot of other solids to pick from and some great fabrics.  The Duramax is really easy to clean, says the site, and that is important with two kids.  The velvet is very kid friendly too, compares it to the performance quality of microfiber. 

Here's a refresher of what The Quads look like, minus the fabric.  I've already taken the old fabric off and all the stupid staples have been removed. 

I bought two of these to go with The Quads as arm chairs.  I know they don't match exactly, but I figure once I refinish them they will "match" enough.  Plus the price was a steal!

Now, picture this room with all six chairs reupholstered?  What color do you see them done in?  Any fabric suggestions?  Any one know of one that is easy to keep clean and to clean if needed?

Any help, comments, suggestions are welcome.  I really want to get this project done, I'm tired of sitting on my old broken chairs.  Plus I'm pretty tired of the metal.  I want a warmer feel.

Thanks for stopping by! xx



Jenn @ Peas and Crayons said...

i love the chocolate and chocolate velvet! ohmygosh! so much!

good luck!

Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

Donnie said...

Your pictures on the wall are very predominant and I guess I would try to find something in them but then your hutch is so lovely in green but, too me, it doesn't grab my eye like the pictures do. The flax color is the closet for my taste but this is your house so I'm sure whatever you pick will be lovely.

The Vintage Farmhouse said...

I like the chocolate but I think the flax would work best in your room. As for keeping them clean, I've been having "issues" with keeping mine clean since I re-covered them last month. The kids are not helping AT ALL. So I am about to recover them AGAIN....and this time use scotch guard and lots of it!

Tammy@Beatrice Banks said...

Love your quads! They are so pretty and will look great when you finish them. Sounds like you have your mind made up for the first choice. Can never go wrong with neutral.
Have a wonderful week!

Christi said...

that is a great china cabinet and the chairs are going to be perfect. what about a great neutral linen color -- almost like the color of a drop cloth, but in a sturdy duckcloth?


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