Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What I'm Eating, Week #4

Don't let the names of these meals fool you.  The 'Ice Creams' are really protein shakes, but they are yummy, so it's okay to call them 'Ice Cream', it's as close as I'm gonna get to the real  thing for a while, so it's all good.  The calories took a bit of a dip this week, but I'm still getting through the days without adding any extra meals.  I've passed the wanting to eat out of boredom phase too.  Now I realize when I'm just hungry. 

Excuse the awful pics!  I should just take a class or something, I fear I'm not getting any better at this!  Sad thing, my Dad is an awesome photographer...I guess my apple flew across that orchard! 
Meal 1
Crunchy Pumpkin Ice Cream

Meal 2
Blueberry Pancakes & Eggs

Meal 3
Nuts & Cheese & Fruit

Meal 4
Zesty Chicken Rice Bowl

Meal 5
Chocolate Ice Cream

Meal 6
Chicken & Bean Burrito

If you want any of the recipes let me know, I would be happy to share 'em with you. 

 Today is the last day to enter my GIVE AWAY, so head on over and enter.  I will announce the winners tomorrow at my 'Anything Goes Party'!  Good Luck.  xx


Donnie said...

Actually they all look pretty good. Maybe I'm just noshy. Food is very hard to photograph you should see some of the food photos on my

Jenn @ Peas and Crayons said...

I think it's fun that you call the shakes ice cream! =) Its a great attitude to have! <3 and probably makes them seem like a total treat! esp if they taste awesome!

Link party is up love. Do me a favor and add my button to your post if you link up? I'm having so much participation troubles that I might have to stop the party if the participation keeps plummeting. oh boo

I'm no good at this blogging business! eep!


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