Thursday, September 15, 2011

Union Jack Furniture and Paint Advice!!!

Recently I went to a really over priced furniture store, and saw the coolest coffee table.  It had the Union Jack painted on the top.  It was a little bright for my liking, but inspiration has been hatched! 

I was the last person to us ASCP and now I'm the last to use the Union Jack in my home design, okay so I'm not a trendsetter.  (and apparently slow.)

Here are some examples that I borrowed from various internet sources.

Google images.

Google images.



Pretty great stuff.  Only not my color scheme, and since I discovered my love of ASCP, only had to use it once!  I'll pick some colors that are more me and paint this awesome coffee table I scored on craigslist! 

It's pretty huge too, 40 x 40 inches, and has two drawers.  Naturally I took a picture of the back, but this is what the drawer side looks like, only with handles.

I'm sure you are dying to know the color scheme.  I haven't actually narrowed one down yet, this is where you come in, yep more work for you.  I tell you the colors I'm thinking and you tell me what you think.  Pretty easy.

Remember this buffet?

I'm thinking of using the Duck Egg on the coffee table, since I'm changing my color scheme.  I'm going to keep this tin door red, but for the most part my new motto is "Out with the RED!"  and to a lesser degree mustard yellow.  I really want a more neutral color palate, without being all beige or white.  Let's face it, I'm a neutral phobe.

Okay so here's the game plane.  I'm going to paint the body of the coffee table Chateau Gray, this would be the blue part of the Union Jack.  The white will be Old Ochre or Country Gray, and the red would be Duck Egg.  What do you think?  I also should tell you that I will probably repaint most of the furniture in the downstairs living and dining area.  I want them to flow together with out being matchy matchy.

What I envision for this house and the next, cause let's face it, I'm already planning on the next one, are the following colors.  Chateau Gray, cause I love green.  A neutral like, French Linen, Country Gray or Old Ochre, and Duck Egg.  I will also have some dark browns/blacks thrown in as my seating.  I won't be getting rid of my living room furniture, it will just become family room furniture in the next house. 

Please help me!  Tell me which neutral you would choose?  Love ya!!! xx 


Starr said...

Love Duck Egg. I'm gonna have to get me some of this chalk paint. Perhaps I'll beg for some for Xmas.

But I have a serious problem committing to neutrals. I will say I like them and then choose turquoise paint, telling myself I'll pick gray or white next time.

Donnie said...

I like the blue grays myself. Looks like you'll be busy for a coffee table would be so useful with those 2 large drawers.

Unknown said...

I love the colors you're thinking of, your new house colors sound great. they are similar colors to what I like right now as well. Union Jacks are super cool. I wanted one on the top of my mini cooper, but my dad vetoed it.

Martin Sheena said...

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