Thursday, October 20, 2011

Chalk Paint, Making Your Own, or Not....

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Well me and the bestie, you know Sommer from Designer Garden, got a wild hair up are you know whats to make our own Chalk Paint.   Yes you read that correctly, make your own chalk paint.

We, and I mean Sommer, found a link to another blog that made their own chalk paint.  How hard could it be?  Don't answer that.  My blender is still pink, shhh don't tell the Hubby.

Okay, so the day started easy enough.  We loaded up the kids, hers any way, and went to one of those stores that sells paint.  Let me tell you, Martha has some fabulous color choices.  I got five samples.  However, I had them mixed in the Behr with primer pots, I thought the primer built in would help.

I'm gonna have to change gears for a second, and I know this may confuse you but I have to share.  I went to Sherwin Williams a few days later and the very nice salesman informed me that it isn't really primer built in, it's just THICKER paint.  R.E.A.L.L.Y.  Well apparently it isn't possible to add primer to paint. 

Back to making your own chalk paint, or not.   Here's the deal, think of the money you could save and the color choices you could have if you make your own.   Thinking about it?  Thought so.

List of ingredients.

1.  Sample pot of paint, 7 oz (roughly), $3

2.  Calcium Carbonate, this is sold at most health food stores, 12 oz container for about $6.  This part is really important, buy it in POWDER form.  You only need about 3 oz per paint sample, so this should make four samples.

3.  About 3 tbsp of water.

Mine is on the left and Sommer's is on the right...really...:)

Paint sample.

Scale, to measure the calcium carbonate.  Quart size container with my Watermelon sample waiting for the calcium carbonate.

I measured 3 oz of calcium carbonate.

Then I stirred, and it didn't break down all that much.  I put this sample to the side and decided to try a different method.

Okay, so the different method included putting the calcium carbonate and the water in a blender, it worked a little better than mixing by hand.

Here's where the really BRIGHT idea came in, put the first attempt into the blender and see if it smooths out all the lumps.  Well, it didn't help all that much, but I did learn that my blender blade comes out!  Who knew?   Sommer knew.  

Okay, last bright idea, actually worked pretty good.  Mix the calcium carbonate, are you tired of the post yet, with 3 tbsp of water until it's like sour cream.   I used a fork.

Then I added it to another sample, called Bayou, and it mixed beautifully.

A few random samples painted on these drawers, just to try them out.  Sommer brought this piece home with her, and she swears the paint was nice and hard and hasn't come off, yet.  She even said there are minimal brush strokes, wish I could say that about the Watermelon.

You can see the brush strokes, and this is two coats of paint, and the little white spots are the calcium carbonate that didn't break down.  This piece had to be stripped, which actually leads to my next post about my love hate with Citrus Strip.  The paint didn't harden all that much either, it pealed off with my fingernail, and it was painted on the same style of furniture as Sommer's piece.

So the long and longer of it is this, I don't think I made chalk paint, but it was a lot of fun trying!  Plus I learned that maybe I like regular latex paint too?  This I know for sure, I will still buy ASCP, cause it is awesome, and until I can find something less expensive, it makes me really HAPPY!

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SkinnyMeg said...

Ok so really weird, I JUST posted about making my own too! Great minds think alike, I had a hard time getting the lumps out too, I love the color you picked!

The Vintage Farmhouse said...

I've heard good things and bad things about making your own. I just crushed chalk and added it to some paint and was very happy with how my piece turned out.

Artsy VaVa said...

Thanks for sharing your experience with making chalk paint! I don't think I'll try it...I get to anxious to get started on my projects!

Starr said...

I had great success! But who knows if it was like chalk paint because right now, spending that kind of a dough on a little can is out of the question no matter how many people swear it's economical. I'd have to save my fun money for three months just to buy it.

I think light colors are key--and maybe don't do furniture since it requires more finishing to make durable. My icy blue picture frame, which will sit safely on the wall, will probably be fine!

Anonymous said...

Coming over from
I wrote a post about this. I used Plaster of Paris in my homeade chalk paint.It did turn out a bit lumpy when I mixed it. I mixed as best I could, and I painted away and loved the results. Came out smooth when it dried.

Unknown said...

Too bad it didn't work. I was so excited.

Maureen said...

I was just wondering if they made chalkboard paint in different I know you can make your own!
Fabulous! Thank you :)

Anna@Directions Not Included said...

This made me laugh so much. This is exactly something my best friend would do. Chalkpaint in the blender. Classic! Thanks for trying it out for us.

Sommer said...

Sorry about your blender hun lol. You can tell beefcake it was my idea and I'll get you a new one for christmas lol.

My drawers look great still. I'm stealing this post to put on my blog. I can't see writing it twice.

Anyhow yes the drawers look fine, minimal brush strokes. However my question is really... do you acheive the same look just using flat paint?

Elegant Economies said...

How much sour cream? Just kidding you said consistency of sour cream. I bookmarked this one [for what not to do]! Love your posts. Audrey

Unknown said...

Hey Tammy...I'd really like it if'd you party with me on Monday's too. :)

Just sayin...I really love to see you there! :P

Clydia {}

Starsunflower Studio said...

How cool! I don't really know paint, but... The neatest thing about this that comes to my mind seems to be that it could be more environmentally friendly. I am going to have to try this out. :)

Shabby chic Sandy said...

I made chalk paint to--with plaster of paris. It was much much thicker than what you made. I loved it. I'm going to try it again.:)

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

A couple weeks ago I posted about making chalk paint with gesso. This is so much easier and the paint is more like ASCP. Doesn's show brush lines, dries fast, and I mix it by adding leftover paint to gesso and shaking it up in a mason jar with plastic lid. Try it, you'll like much easier.

Amy @MoMomma said...

I'd love to have you post this on my Monday Linky Party! (And -feel free to stop by every Monday!)

Trish @MomOnTimeout said...

This was hilarious! Thank you so much for sharing. I think I like reading about mistakes more than successes sometimes :) I'd love for you to share at my party if you get the chance. Thanks!

Cecilia said...

This is so funny! Thank you for sharing and in the process saving my blender! I have just become a follower of your blog, and hope you will follow me too!

Anonymous said...

What a great project! Even if you didn't completely get what you hoped for, it was still a lot of fun and great learning.

Marilyn said...

Super cute project.. Love it..Officially following ya with smiles.. So much creativity here.. ..Found ya while blog hopping around on Nifty Linky..
PS: I am hoping you could join in and hopefully participate in "Project Pink Blog Day" Please check out this post of mine, I would LOVE to have you be a part of my Project Pink Blog Day if it fits your schedule.. "All blogger's going pink a day for "breast cancer" -- Wishing you a lovely weekend..

Trish @MomOnTimeout said...

So much fun! I need a friend like you :) Thank you so much for sharing at Taking A Timeout Thursday!

- Trish

Unknown said...

Good info! I was just thinking about making my own but I will just get over my cheap self and buy it instead :)

Chalk Paint Ideas Lady said...

Thank you so much for sharing the step by step process! But, thank you especially for your up-close photos of the finished pieces. I was thinking of trying to make my own, but I have so many chalk paint ideas, that I can't wait to get started on! I love just opening a can (or mixing my own colors) and just getting started. I also know what quality I will end up with when I'm done, and, being a fellow Type-Aer, I spend a lot of time on my projects...getting them just right. If I did all that only to have the paint peel off and have white calcium carbonate in it...I'd be so upset!! ASCP is definitely worth the piece of mind.

Jennifer said...

I am so happy you posted this. I was wondering about these recipes I keep seeing popping up. I haven't tried ASCP yet but I have a couple of pieces earmarked for it. Maybe I'll try this on a small project though to see if it may work.

And thanks for linking up to Latest and Greatest Friday!!

Marilyn said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH for joining in Project Pink Today. It means SO much to me and I am very grateful you joined in with all the wonderful women today to make this day such an amazing and beautiful awareness day.. TY TY SO MUCH!! Wishing you a wonderful weekend.. ~Marilyn
There's a linky today to link to as well - please see here -

Megan Gunyan said...

At least you can say you tried! I've read many different methods for making your own chalk paint, and some work and some don't. I'm all for trying the working method, though, since ASCP costs and arm and a leg! Good luck with your future projects!


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