Monday, October 3, 2011

Meet Tres Chere, Week #23

Hello Type A readers! We are Angela & Debbie from Tres Chere.

We were thrilled when Tammy asked us to guest post! We have followed her blog since we started back in July. She has been one of our biggest supporters and we just love the sense of community she portrays.

When you visit our blog you will notice that we like to always infuse a little sense of humor in our posts and you will see many projects that have been transformed from items we have found at the curb. Many of our makeovers from chairs, benches, art, coffee tables to dressers cost less than $20.00. We are always looking for ways to make our home more beautiful on the cheap and using what we already have on hand.
The project we are sharing with you today couldn't have timed out any better. We are very behind on our fall decorating so having a deadline actually helped us make it happen!

Today we will show you how to decorate your front porch using what you already have on hand and with items that we found at the curb.

We found this old ladder on the side of the road. It was pretty rough but a coat of creamy white paint cleaned it right up. We added a plastic Halloween candy bucket with a potted plant and a pennant flag we created with fabric scraps and cardboard and the words "Boo" were written with a Sharpie.

We created a wreath using a bag of black beans, some fabric scraps, cardboard and LOTS of glue.

We glued the beans to a piece of round cardboar?d we cut. This was a very time consuming wreath because in terms of weight the beans need to be laid out one layer at a time. We used spray adhesive to glue the beans to the cardboard. Then sprayed over the beans with another coat. Then we used plain old Elmer's glue and poured it all over the beans. We waited a day for it to dry and then repeated the process. On the third day, we cut fabric scraps tied it around the wreath, added a bow and then hung it on our front door. It was time consuming but we didn't have to buy anything to make it since we already had everything on hand.

The black chair was a curbside find. We found it just like this and thought it was perfect the way it was. As the season's change we can easily swap out potted plants or add a pumpkin like we did here to fit the seasons. Who knows, Santa might be sitting there next!

We used a Black Sharpie to add stripes to the white Heirloom pumpkins and the large orange pumpkins.

Some fresh flowers in an old crate fill up the space under the chair.

So there you have it. You can create a space using items found at the curb or by using what you already have on hand. The only items we purchased were the two large pumpkins and some fresh mums. Everything else we had on hand. Overall cost was less than $20.00.

Thank you Tammy for allowing us the opportunity to guest post and to share our Fall decorating ideas with your readers. We hope you all will stop by and visit us.


Angela and Debbie, thanks you so much for being a guest, the front porch looks amazing!  I'm always impressed with what these two can put together on such a small budget!  I'm taking notes!


Tres Chere said...


Thank you so much for allowing us to guest post! Hope you are having a fabulous day!

Good Time Charlie said...

They are the queens of the Vignette! Love the sharpie down the little pumpkins too, what a great idea. And black beans on a wreath! Genius, pure genius.

Sherry said...

What great decorating ideas for fall.

*Shabby LOCO!* said...

Very nice wreath ladies! I LOVE tres chere! Mucho talented,Bravo Angela & Debbie! (*And GREAT choice as guest posters Tammy!)

Suzy said...

I love the ladies from Tres Chere. Thanks for having them today. Their Halloween decor is great!


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