Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Wasatch Women Ad for Live the Life and an Update...

I just found this great ad for Live the Life in Wasatch Women, you can see it here.  Live the Life posted it on their Facebook page.  I've never read this online magazine before, but I did take a second to flip through it?  It looks really interesting, it's geared toward women, and our crazy busy lives.  If you check it out let me know what you think.

Next item of business.  Please don't forget my link party starts tomorrow, Anything Goes.  Link as much as you want, just have fun.  I can't wait to see what every one has been up too.

Now a diet update.  I'm really trying to keep this to a weekly post, but I wanted to share a couple things.  I obviously made it through the first day, nope didn't die from the lower calories.  I actually wasn't hungry, of course I could have eaten out of boredom, but no hunger pains.  Which is a GOOD thing, I hate being hungry. 

My last little tid bit is about the supplement they want you to take prior to your work out, Nitric Oxide.  It is suppose to help you work out longer and harder.  I didn't buy it, instead I bought L-Arginine.  This is the main ingredient in Nitric Oxide, and I wanna just say, it WORKS.

I thought I could tell the difference yesterday when I worked my little heart out, but I know for sure it worked today.  My poor little girl got up at 2 am this morning puking her every lovin' guts out.  Needless to say, after changing the bedding, cleaning her, the bedroom and bathroom up, not once, not twice, but THREE times, and did I mention the four loads of laundry that I did before 8 am?  I was so tired this morning, I just new I wouldn't be able to work out, but I did and I feel great.  So there you go, my little update.

Thanks for stopping by, I'm gonna go climb in bed with the kids and watch a movie and relax. 

Please ignore the lack of sheets, they are load 5 in the dryer, yep she puked in bed.  (a lot)  See the spot in the middle?  It's for me, so that's were I'll be until dinner.  =)


Donnie said...

Hope little one gets better soon. It's always so hard on them and you.

Unknown said...

Sick little ones are no fun. Hope everyone is on the mend soon. Blessings <3 and prayers of healing. Paula

Anonymous said...

I have just found your blog and need to come back and look around. Thank you for the party and I will link up.

Anonymous said...

Ugh! Sorry your crew is sick! Yuck! I promise we didn't send it to you via internet. Hope everyone feels better soon! xo


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