Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Only Project I've Completed in Weeks......

This so counts as a project too, even if paint wasn't involved.  It still took me 6 hours to complete, and in my book this makes it a project.   Really, I could have painted two pieces of furniture in this time frame, so you could consider it two projects.

It was a project of LOVE for sure.  My boy, not pictured, got a gigantic lego set from his birthday.  His crazy mother bought it for him, it was number one on his list.  I should add, I HATE all things Lego.   Love my model?  lol  I took this as I was sorting all the pieces by color, notice half the bags haven't been opened.

Here she is hamming it up.  Look closely at the box, 1174 pieces!  Three BOOKS!

Okay, this is were it gets weird.  I let Lo play with my camera, it kept her out of my hair and legos.  However, this is some of the pics I ended up with.  Strange child.

Her eye looks really gross here, I promise it's healing and doesn't look this gross in real life.


Back to legos, this is what I had finished after 2 hours. 1dragon and 7 little people.  This was book 1.

A few breaks and another 4 hours later and here you have the finished project. 

I asked the boy to let me take a photo of him with the finished set, he said no.  I didn't push it, he wasn't in a picture taking mood.  He did love that I put his toy together while he was at school, it was a nice surprise.

To all you Lego moms and dads, I know you feel my pain!  This may be the last Lego set for a while. 

Maybe this helps with my "Mom of the year status", or at the very least my Karma?


DearHelenHartman said...

That is like a work of art! We did some of the Star Wars lego sets and they never got put together entirely. I still step on parts of them late at night - 4 years later! My tip: Wear houseshoes for the next decade.

Adrienne said...

LOL! I know how you feel and I've done many a lego project on my nights and weekends. I eventually figured out that a beer or glass of wine + lego project is the perfect combination. You did great though and look how happy you made your little boy!

Unknown said...

What dedication, you ARE mom of the year. I don't think i would have it in me.


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