Thursday, January 12, 2012

Diamond Candles Review and Give Away!!!

Don't miss out on the great give away Diamond Candles is having. I have a link on my side bar for you to enter, sorry it got cut off a little.  

They sent me a candle to review, and I'm really impressed with them.  They smell great, mine is White Chocolate, and burn well too.  Which is important to me, I don't like it when candles get all smokey.  It must have something to do with them being soy, I've never actually burned a soy candle before.   The candles are pretty large too, and glass jar with lid is great.  I can't wait to burn it all the way down so I can repurpose the container.

The really fun part, each candle has a ring in it, yep a ring!  I haven't burned mine down enough to actually get it out yet, but I can' wait to see my ring!The ring value is anywhere from $10 - $5000!  Ahmazing! 

So what are you waiting for, go enter for your free Diamond Candle!  Good luck!


scented votive candles said...

I enjoyed your review of your diamond candle. I do enjoy soy candles. I will have to try a diamond candle.

antique anniversary rings said...

This is a mind blowing idea for the candles. Never heard of diamond candles anytime before. I just can't wait to order one for myself.

Maria F. Solares said...

Candles is a unique collection of familiar and exotic fragrances that are sure to invoke a sense of comfort and joy.


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