Monday, January 16, 2012

Meet Dear Helen Harman, Week 37

Dear Helen Hartman,

I’ve been asked by the gracious and talented Tammy at Type A to do a guest blog and I do not want to make a faux pas. Love to get some tips on being a good guest.

Dear Loved One,
You’re asking Helen to help you NOT make a faux pas? B-b-but Helen loves it when others make faux pas-es. And you know why?
Mona didn't laugh AT others, she laughed WITH them... ABOUT others. And she looked FAB doing it.
It gives Helen a chance to help her readers avoid similar missteps by giving advice at . In fact this week she'll be discussing navigating the tricky waters of being out of control in a strange environment, something she knows a lot about. 

What is the message of this advertisement? When you have great lipstick and a kicky hat you can dance your way off a dock and no one will care? I mean, if you look good, who needs air?  
Happily for you (and Helen) Tammy is a charming and clever hostess, who takes her guest’s feelings into account

Gladys felt like knocking back a few hot toddies and showing people how to do a flip off the ski ramp sans skis! Being a good hostess, you-know-who held the camera and later posted the whole fiasco on YouTube.
Tammy will be absolutely lovely no matter how badly you behave.

June didn't think of it as snooping. She thought of it as getting to know people in new and sneaky interesting ways.
 So being a guest at Type A is a pleasant experience for everyone.
Except maybe other guests who have to put up with your nonsense. 

Hazel didn't care if they did have to call in a team of nuns to wrestle her to the ground and cart her off for an emergency behavior adjustment. Whooping it up Helen-style at Type A had definitely been worth it!
Thank you, Tammy! And look on the bright side – if you get yourself in a pickle when visiting others, you can always write to Helen and she’ll be happy -- to tell you what you are doing wrong.

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With a tip of her pillbox hat to luminaries like Erma Bombeck, Heloise and Dear Abby, Helen Hartman tackles modern problems with time-tested solutions taken from vintage magazines, advertising, collectibles, cultural icons and personal experiences. If laughter is the best medicine Helen Hartman seeks to cure your ills, but don’t expect a spoonful of sugar unless sugar is what Helen is skewering, um, serving.


DearHelenHartman said...

Thank you so much for featuring me here at Type A. I'm having a lovely time and feel so welcome.

Karen Lange said...

I will remember these wonderful tips the next time I visit someone's home. And of course, I will be thinking of you, Helen! :)


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