Thursday, January 19, 2012

Design Help

So I dragged the Hubby to Joann's today, and aside from one male employee, he was the only man in there.  I guarantee it was funny!  I joked that he totally lost his 'man card'...did I mention I think I'm freaking hilarious...Hubby not so much.

Ok ok, here's where the help comes in, I bought fabric for some chair seats, and I have no idea what color to paint the chairs.  What ever color I paint the chairs I'm also paint the base of my table, I'd like them to match each other, but not the china hutch.

Fabric Sample, it's a shade lighter than the green I have on my old chairs.  We are getting rid of the old chairs, I found some I like so much better on craigslist for CHEAP!  The fabric was half off and cost almost as much as the chairs and table I bought.  The table isn't special.  It will probably be sold.

This picture is old, but it pretty much looks like this still, only MUCH messier cause the Hubby is home and has bought a lot of crap and littered my table with biggy...well little biggy.  I'm not gonna lie, I'm Type A after all.  lol  I can live with the mess to have him home for a few weeks.

So what ASCP would you use? 

Pink Armoire update, finally got Hubby to take the Bakelite handle off, so I could get the last of the paint off, and the handle broke...sigh.  I guess I'm buying a new handle.  I also think I'm going to use more of a know style and just fill the other whole.  Something sparkly.

The old white/emperor's silk mix turned out great, love this shade of pink!

Have a great week! 


Maury @ Life on Mars said...

You have a lot of projects to do! That fabric looks tan, but if you say it's green, then I'll go with it. I love the ASCP Old White.

Anonymous said...

I think an "aged" white would look nice. :)

Unknown said...

My hubby has totally been dragged to Joanns before. He is a wonder in Michaels, he knows where everything is. I'm lost without him.


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