Monday, January 9, 2012

Meet Upcycled Scrapbooking, Week 36

Hi Everyone! I'm Jen from Upcycled Scrapbooking. I am very excited to be a guest blogger for Tammy today. Please be patient with me as this is my very first "guest" post! YAY ME! (maybe scary for Tammy *wink* LOL)

I love Tammy's blog because its fun, real and "upcycled!!" just like I like it!
So a little about "me" or rather "Upcycled".
I started blogging in 2007 ( we were adopting our son from Guatemala (we have 17yr old biological daughter) and wanted a way to let our out-of-state family keep up with us. I am also a homeschool mom of 14years and now our son is 4yr old and is homeschooling, so I decided to start a "Scrapbook/paper crafting" blog called Upcycled Scrapbooking this past June 2011.
I cannot tell you how much fun I'm having and looking forward to 2012 with new projects, tutorials and ideas for families everywhere. I hope you will want to stop by, share your projects and maybe even do a guest post for me.

I grew up with frugal and very creative parents. Going to St.Vincent's, Goodwill and thrift stores was normal shopping or "treasure hunting" as we called it and now my 17yr old daughter loves to do on her own. I'd watch my parents stretch a dollar and decorate our home and not once did we feel we had any less than anyone else.
My other "love" is to organize.I LOVE to organize!! My husband and daughter say I'm OCD but I dont think so, I just think I love to organize. What do you thinK? LOL
We recently redid our pantry and cupboards and i've never been more happy!

My 2nd love is paper crafts! So I created Upcycled Scrapbooking blog to share and hopefully teach others through my love for creating paper crafts.  I want to create things that fit any budget and re-use items we already have. So I save all my containers that things come in that are reusable chipboard. (oatmeal, cereal, snack boxes.. they all get saved) and i keep them in my craft room sterlite drawers.
One of my favorite projects was a Altered Book Mini Album.
I had some old 100 year old books that the pages were falling out, so i took them out and make a mini album of my son. It was really easy! I will be making more of these this coming months, so you might want to join me! Start collecting old books (pages are so brittle you can tear out and unreadable or stained, etc. Also purchase at garage sale, goodwill or thrift)

This christmas I had so much fun creating some project that anyone could make as christmas decor projects. Poinsettia ball from garage sale/goodwill flowers and whiffle ball.

These are two more I really loved having. My snowmen are still hanging around since winter is just getting started here in Georgia, LOL.
  • A 12 day advent using coin envelopes I made to count down to santa.

  • a fun snowman decor craft using ping pong balls and cotton balls and glitter.

This is using salt shaker from dollar store and i just used black fingernail polish for hat, ping pong ball for head and cotton balls and glitter and buttons.

I love making new things out of old.
I hope you will come by my blog and check out some of my projects. I sell tutorials for some of them so you can see step-by-step photos and instructions on how to make a project. I also have YouTube Channel with videos showing you how to make things.

One of my favorites I have in my purse right now is a WALLET MINI ALBUM made from 1 sheet of cardstock!! (and some clear contact paper to keep it clean in momma's purse)
I have 3 different ones I made. The first brown one looks like luggage so its my summer vacation photos. The blue one is of my 4yr old growing up and it hold 25 photos!! The pink one I made for my 17yr old daughter's purse to put her friend and youth group photos in.

You will find my designs tend to lean towards "clean and straight lined" not too much froo-froo, and that's just my TYPE-A personality and need for things to be organized but don't let that stop you from being who you are and designing and decorating to your style. I hope you will stop by and say HI!! I love meeting new people and becoming followers of their blogs so please come by and comment and leave your blog link to stop by and see ya!

Thank you so much tammy for allowing me to be a guest host!! I hope ya'll enjoy your week and stop by in 2012 to share with me your projects and ideas!!


DearHelenHartman said...

Wow - what a creative and productive blog. Great guest.

Unknown said...

Love the melted snowmen, that is so cute. Props to you, Jen, for homeschooling, that is a lot of work.

Anonymous said...

Two years later I see this, but it is very inspiring. Thanks for sharing.


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