Thursday, January 19, 2012

Puzzle Frames Found

Lauren got this puzzle for Christmas, and she's been begging me to frame it....really?  I mean,I can't just buy a pre made frame for it, it's dimensions are a little weird.  Kids never make it easy for you.
 Well crisis averted, I found this great site for Puzzle Frames.  You can actually select the exact size you need, and at a pretty affordable price. 

I got to pick the exact dimensions, to a fraction.  Then you select the frame style, color, plexiglass and backing.  The have five styles and quite a few color options, some styles come in more colors.

I hope she loves the finished product, fingers crossed.  lol


Unknown said...

Kids are so funny. That sounds like a perfect solution.

Anonymous said...

hi - re your "shell post" last sunday pm me and i will definatley get back to you heres his link
best regards
jamie dentims


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